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Why do cats like earwax?

Why do cats like earwax? There’s a simple theory behind that. Earwax contains the dead cells fall apart from the ear canal. But it contains protein and scent that can attract cats. Cats only have 500 tastebuds. Due to the lack of taste buds, they use their sense of smell to find things. So, they love the smell of earwax. Their sense of smell is stronger than humans. They identify earwax as a good protein and start licking them and being around them.

In this article, we will discuss why do cats like earwax and what it does to them?

What is earwax?

These contain the dead cells that fall apart from the ear canal. This includes protein, hairpieces, cholesterol, etc. Dead cells mix with the gland secretions from the sebaceous gland and ceruminous gland. Altogether, earwax is made. There’s no need for further clarification since you already know what it looks like and where it is.

Earwax is a natural defense for our ears. It prevents bugs and dirt from entering our ears. As you know, earwax is sticky, and it has a bad smell. So that smell keeps bugs away, and the sticky type prevents dirt and other things from entering the ear. Having earwax is good for health.

Why do cats like earwax?

As mentioned earlier, it contains proteins that can attract your cat. Just like you are attracted to tasty pizza, your cats are attracted to earwax.  Cats have a greater sense of smell than humans. But, they don’t have taste buds as we do. While humans have more than 10,000 taste buds, they have only about 500. So, they use their scent to find food. They smell the earwax and conclude it as a food. Since they are lack taste buds, their taste on earwax is totally different from humans.

Cats use their noses to enjoy the taste of foods rather than using tongues. So, they sense the smell of proteins and fats in the earwax. That’s why they are attracted to earwax. It’s just a simple theory.

Why do cats like earwax

Why do cats groom each other?

Grooming creates a special bond among cats. Sometimes cats groom with each other, and they groom with us. It’s a way they show their love and create special bonds. When two cats are grooming each other, the main thing they do is licking the other cat’s ear. When grooming, they clean up their dead cells and lubricate their skin.

Cats groom and lick others to claim them. They claim others as a member of their family by licking and grooming them. Grooming is a habit they learn from their mothers. First, they start self-groom, and eventually, they groom each other. So, when grooming, they spend time licking others’ earwax and licking the skin to show their fondness to each other.

Should I clean my cat’s earwax?

They usually clean the earwax themselves when there is more than one cat. But you should concern about the cleanness of the cat’s ear. When there is unusual dirt is in the ear, it can cause ear infection, which is hard for cats. So, if you see unusual dirt in the ear, take your cat to a veterinarian and get advice about cleaning the ears.

Do cats attract to human earwax?

Yes, they are attracted to the human, dog, and other earwax. They are attracted to things like earbuds, earl plugs, ear wax removals, etc. You should keep them in a place where the cat can’t reach and clean them regularly. Things like earbuds and earplugs can cause ear infections if they are not cleaned well. So keep them away from your cat and clean them regularly.


Hope “Why do cats like earwax” is no longer a question for you. You can’t stop them from licking each other’s ears. But keep your things that contain earwax in a place they can’t reach. Today we discussed a disgusting topic. But I hope you got good knowledge. See you soon in a new article.


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