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What to do instead of drinking?

What to do instead of drinking? Maybe, you want to quit drinking or stop drinking for a while. But you may not have an idea about what to replace alcohol with. The best way to keep yourself away from drinking is by making yourself busy with some healthy and exciting activities. You can go for a walk, engage with medication, read a book, write a book, etc to replace your drinking habit.

You might think about how these are going to make your weekend much better. When it comes to drinking, it makes you feel better and funny for a limited time. But after that, all the burdens you have will come to find you. Drinking is not a solution to forgetting issues. It’s only a temporary way to forget things. So, what to do instead of drinking? Here are some fantastic things you can use as alternatives to drinking alcohol.

What to do instead of drinking?

Go for a walk

The best partners for a long and happy walk is a baby or a dog. Never take another person with you. You may not have a baby. Then you can take your dog for a walk. In the absence of both, you can enjoy the walk alone. Walking is excellent for your emotional and psychical health.


Read whatever you are interested in. Reading is a great way to invest in yourself and replace alcohol. Eventually, you will become wise than the days when you were drunk. At first, you will find many issues with focusing on reading. It will be alright with the time. If you were a reader during the past, learn how to get back to reading.

Learn something

Learning is the way to become successful. When you are addicted to drinking, there will be no value inside you. But if you know something, it makes you powerful. So, learn whatever you like. There are so many sources like YouTube, Udemy, Lynda, which offer excellent sources about everything. You can simply learn anything without attending physical classes.

Sleep at least 8 hours

Most people who are addicted to drinking lose the time to sleep. Eventually, they become sick and suffer from many diseases. Sleeping is vital for health. Because we are getting repaired when we are sleeping. Experts advise sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day. So, sleeping is far better thing to do instead of drinking.

Meet healthy friends

Identify who are toxic friends and healthy friends. Toxic friends will never let you replace your alcohol habit. That’s why you should keep meeting healthy friends who encourage you to do things instead of drinking. Hanging up with them is an excellent way to utilize your time.


Meditation is a great way to get rid of every bad thing in your life. Meditation helps you to grow your inner peace and make contact with natural energy. Also, meditation is a great way to unleash your subconscious mind power. So, if you still have the question of what to do instead of drinking. Do medications first. Some meditation steps come with Yoga. There are apps, videos, and classes that can make you master in meditation and yoga.

Cook new things

Whether you are a man or a woman, cooking is a great thing to do instead of drinking. It is also a great way to invest yourself. Remember, cooking is not only for the woman. There is no gender or age requirement for cooking things. Cooking will make you happy, and you will get a chance to enjoy different foods yourself.


Most people use this technique to give up their addictions. Even the governments are using prisoners for volunteer services. Because it is the best place to understand the world. So, if you are looking for a way to replace alcohol, volunteering will help you.

Do Workouts

Maybe you have already ruin up with your healthy body. But you are not late. Doing workouts can regain your lost energy and health. Find a good gym and create a matching workout plan. Then do the exercises. If you don’t have time to go to a gym, there are many applications and videos for people who want to do workouts at home. This is the best one among alternative to drinking alcohol.

Try something nonalcoholic

Yes, there are so many exciting drinks that don’t include alcohol. These drinks will bring back the energy and health your lost when drinking alcohol.

Draw something

You don’t need to a great artist to draw something. Drawing is a great way to utilize your time effectively. Even the drawing is beautiful or ugly, you will find happiness in it. You will lose the time to think about drinking.


Whether you have a traveling gang or not, never give up on traveling. Go to do the places you have never been to. Never bring alcohol stuff with your journey. Bring a camera instead of alcohol bottles or tins. Enjoy nature and make yourself busy with nature.

Go for a movie

You might think about drinking alcohol when you are watch movies at home. If yes, try to watch movies at your nearest film hall. You will find cheap places. But watching a film from a hall is fat better than watching it at home. So, it is a good thing to do instead of drinking.


Whether you have enough space or not, fill the space you have with life and colors. Grading is a better way to forget your alcohol addiction. Just like cooking, gardening is not only for women. Create a beautiful garden and maintain it daily.

Write a blog

You might have something to tell the world. So, blogs are the best place for it. You can create a free blog or a paid blog with a premium feature. Whatever the way you choose, write the thing you have in your mind. Maybe you have a story about your alcohol activities and the drawback. Write them, and you will grow a community around you.

Make a YouTube channel.

Yeah, there are Youtuber who drink alcohol. But it is not the point here. If you have free time that might make you drink alcohol, use that time on a YouTube channel. Same as a blog, here you will give what you have in video mode. It is a great thing to do instead of drinking.

Other Amazing things

  • Play a board game
  • Find new hobbies
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Go swimming
  • Organize home
  • Learn a new language
  • Donate your old things
  • Go shopping
  • Take a fresh bath
  • Write poems

Final words

So now you know what to do instead of drinking. In another way, now you have alternatives to drinking alcohol. Remember, drinking alcohol only makes things worse. So, be a better person with better habits. Always look for something that can add value to your life.



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