What does a graphic designer do? A graphic designer is a person who plays with graphics to deliver an eye-catching product to the clients and client’s target. A graphic designer uses several software according to the skills he/she perform. Here we are going to learn about the meaning of graphic designer, types and their duties.

What is a graphic designer?

graphic designer

A graphic designer is a creative person that communicates ideas to inform, inspire others via virtual art, physical arts. This may include images, words, graphics etc. Graphic designing is also known as commutation design. It’s a common situation that designers do their communication visually. The designs mainly they make are used to do advertisings and promotions.

Designers use Media like fonts, print designs, colors, shapes, images, logos, animations, flyers, and animations etc. multimedia editors like video editors, artist, and other professionals are working with the designers in different situations.

Communicating ideas through graphics is the primary role of the designers. Here they solve the problems of the clients through graphical arts and deliver the solutions. Creative thinking has become a must for designers. The role of a designer can be divided into many. It’s all up to you to decide the position which suits you. Here are some examples

  • Art director
  • Package designer
  • Broadcast designer
  • Logo designer
  • Web designer
  • Content developer

Life of a graphic designer

It’s not as easy as we think. Sometimes it can be a stressful career. Because technology is changing daily. So the challenges the designer face has become dynamic. A designer must have a clear understanding of the currents trends and designers must do their designs according to the trends. Otherwise, all the marketing, advertising, and promotions can become unsuccessful. Also, the designer must learn new graphic design software and technologies to face challenges.

Most designers are getting failed because of a lack of communication. A designer must have the skills to get the whole idea from the client. For that designer must have excellent communication skills.

The stress and the workload that a designer going to face is also depend on the workplace.

Workplace of a designer

In house

This is a workplace for a person who willing to work inside an established company and a single group or single brand. There are a few advantages as well as disadvantages. You will be able to work with a permanent employer so that you don’t need to hunt for a job. Here your work is stable, and you can work under a negotiated price. But your creativity may be limited because you don’t have the total freedom to decide. Also, family time can be limited.

As an agency

Here the designers can establish an agency. This is better if a designer is specialized in a particular field. So, designers can combine their skills and create a fantastic outcome. Also, the client can get a better result because each designer is specialized in a particular field. Designers can get a short time, specific projects. A designer must have excellent skills in designing. Otherwise, it will be hard to find a client.


This has become the most trending workplace for designers nowadays. Because this is the best workplace for a person who expects freedom. Also, the designer has the total freedom to be creative. Here the working time, the place is flexible. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork give an excellent platform to the freelance designer to find a project locally and internationally. But there are disadvantages like hunting for an order, high responsibility. But a freelancer designer can overcome these by becoming more skillful in the field.

What do graphic designers do?

Their primary duty is to combine art and technology to give an idea through the media like flyers, logos, magazines, reports, and presentations etc. They use different elements and effects to decorate the product they are going to make. As examples, they use texts, colors, fonts, headings etc. There is a natural process that any designer follows.

  1. Meet the client and get a clear understating of the scope of the project.
  2. Advice the client by giving more ideas that can improve the message that the client needs to communicate
  3. Get the core message that needs to communicate
  4. Develop graphics/websites/logos etc. using hand or software Ex:-Adobe Photoshop, Coral draw, Adobe InDesign etc.
  5. Present the design to the customer
  6. Do all the changes that recommended by the customer
  7. Checking again for errors before publishing or printing

Importance of a graphic designer

With the improvement of social media and technology, the success of a company heavily depends on its marketing and advertising. Because there is a high competition out there. Companies do innovations to survive in the market. Even they come up with innovations; the market must know their innovations. Hats why a company must advertise or market the new product/new service/new technology or any innovation that they produced. So that they must hire the designers to create creative and eye-catching graphics.

These designers have full responsibility for the market that innovation. So the future on the innovation heavily depends on them. Even innovation is great for society, and marketing is a must. Because there is a high competition outside. So the designers are working on areas like advertising, promotion, public relations, and marketing.

Final words

Being a graphic designer is not easy. But it is the best career for a person who has creative thinking. Like I said before there is a massive crowd of freelancer designers that you can hire for the budget you have. But you have to be specific and smart to choose the best one from the platforms like Fiverr, Upwork.

If you want to become a designer, there are paid and free courses available on sites like Udemy and Lynda. Otherwise, you can use sources like YouTube. With that, you can study by staying in the home. It’s not hard. All you need is high commitment and motivation.

Clear your minds

Some may say that a designer must know to code. It’s wrong. Not all designers require coding knowledge. Designers, like web designers, UI/UX designers, may lack the knowledge of coding and others don’t.

Some may say that designers are the people who can draw. It’s also totally wrong. All designers don’t need the ability to draw. Because some designers work with elements, images and text etc. that don’t require drawing skills. But if you want to go to a field that requires drawing, don’t be frustrated because designing Softwares offers fantastic tools to draw quickly. Once you try one, you will gain confidence. There are plenty of people who are there to teach you for free.

I just gave a simple explanation for the designer’s career. If you have any questions regarding the article, please put a comment.

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