What Are The Types Of Hackers To Be Aware Of In 2022

Types Of Hackers To Be Aware Of In 2022

Hacking is defined as the act of compromising digital devices and networks by gaining unauthorized access to any account or computer system. Although hacking is not necessarily harmful, it is often connected with cybercriminals’ illicit conduct and data theft. Hacking is the unlawful use of computers, cellphones, tablets, and networks to damage or destroy systems, acquire user information, steal data and documents, or disrupt data-related activity.

A hacker is often depicted as a lone rogue programmer who is exceptionally skilled in coding and altering computer software and hardware systems. This narrow viewpoint, on the other hand, fails to grasp the whole technical aspect of hacking. Hackers are growing more clever, using stealthy attack methods unnoticed by cybersecurity software and IT experts. They’re also masters at devising attack vectors that induce users to download infected attachments or visit risky websites, exposing sensitive personal information.

As a result, modern-day hacking requires much more than a furious adolescent alone in their room. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry with very sophisticated and powerful techniques.

White Hat Hackers

One of the Types Of Hackers is White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are cybersecurity professionals who hack for a living. They were granted authorization or certification to breach the systems. These White Hat Hackers assist governments and companies by hacking into the system. Also, they get access to the system by taking advantage of the company’s cybersecurity weaknesses. This hacking is being carried out to determine how secure their company is. And also, they can identify weak points and fix them to avoid attacks from outside sources. White hat hackers follow the rules and regulations set out by the government. They are a term used to describe ethical hackers.

White hat hackers are driven by a desire to help businesses and discover network security problems. They wish to assist and protect companies in the ongoing battle against cyber-attacks. A White Hat hacker is someone who assists a company in defending itself against cybercrime. They help organizations build defenses, identify vulnerabilities, and fix them before other hackers do.

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers are similarly adept computer professionals, but their objective is different. They go after other systems to obtain access to systems they aren’t supposed to have access to. If they get access, they may steal data or do damage to the system. The competence and experience of the hacker determine the hacking tactics used by these groups of hackers. The hacker is a criminal because of their motivations. It is impossible to ascertain the extent of the breach during hacking, as well as the perpetrator’s hostile intent. To get access to a company’s network to steal bank data, funds, or other sensitive information. They usually profit from stolen resources by selling them on the black market or tormenting their intended victim.

Gray Hat Hackers

The intent of a gray hat hacker is considered while categorizing them. The gray hat hacker sits during the black hat and white hat hacker camps. Hackers, on the other hand, aren’t certified. When hackers hack, they may have either good or bad intentions. They’re probably hacking for personal gain. The objective of the hacking determines the kind of hacker. A hacker is referred to be a gray hat hacker if their purpose is to gain money. The difference is that they don’t wish to steal or help others in any manner. Instead, they like playing with systems to find flaws, defeat defenses, and generally have a good time hacking.

Script Kiddies

One of the Types Of Hackers is Script Kiddies

It’s a well-known fact that half-truths are never secure. And also, the Script Kiddies are a bunch of newcomers to the hacking scene. They use programs created by other hackers to try to get into the system. They try to get access to computers, networks, or websites. As well, the objective of the hacking is to get their peers’ attention. Children that aren’t entirely aware of the hacking method are referred to as Script Kiddies. A widespread Kiddie Script attack is a DoS or DDoS attack. This means that an IP address is overworked to the point of failure due to heavy traffic. For example, have a look at a couple of Black Friday purchasing websites. Thus, it creates ambiguity and makes it hard for others to use the service.

Green Hat Hackers

Green hat hackers are still learning the ropes when it comes to hacking. They differ from the Script Kiddies in that their purpose is different. The idea is to put in a lot of effort and learn all there is to know about hacking. They’re looking for opportunities to learn from seasoned hackers.

Blue Hat Hackers

Blue Hat hackers are a subgroup of hackers that use a similar strategy to Script Kiddies. There is a lack of motivation to learn. They use hacking as a weapon when they wish to gain favor among their fellow species. To settle their issues with their adversaries, they turn to hack. Blue Hat hackers are dangerous not because of their hacking skills but because of their motives.

Red Hat Hackers

One of the Types Of Hackers is Red Hat Hackers

In the hacker world, Red Hat Hackers are known as Eagle-Eyed Hackers. They are the kind of hackers who are similar to white hackers in terms of conduct and tactics. The purpose of the red hat hackers is to stop the black hat hackers in their tracks. Also, the only difference between red hat and white hat hackers is that both people use the same hacking method for a specific objective. When dealing with black hat hackers or preventing malware attacks, red hat hackers are ruthless. The red hat hackers have persisted in their assaults, and the whole system configuration may need to be changed.


Specially, these hackers are interested in breaking into government websites. Hacktivists are those who use the internet to impersonate activists, garnering the moniker “hacktivist.” And, a hacktivist is a group of anonymous hackers who use deceit and espionage to access government websites and networks. As well, the information received through accessible government files is used for personal, political, or social reasons.

State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

And, the government pays hackers to get information about other nations. This kind of hacker is referred to as “state/nation sponsored hackers.” They employ their skills to obtain sensitive information from other countries to be fully prepared for any possible danger to the security of their own country. As well, the sensitive information allows you to keep on top of every situation and avoid any future risks. On the other hand, they are solely responsible to their governments.

Malicious Insider Or Whistleblower

One of the Types Of Hackers is Malicious Insider Or Whistleblower

This kind of hacker is someone who works within a firm and can leak confidential information. Especially, the revelation might be motivated by a personal vendetta against the company. The reason for the exposure determines the purpose of the exposure. Whistleblowers are those who come out with illicit activity information.

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