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How to trim a squirmy cat’s nails?

How to trim a squirmy cat’s nails? Your cat might run away if he sees trimming and trimming equipment as a threat. So, first, make him familiar with the equipment. Then give a little press on paw pad and cat will extend the claws. Afterwards, you can start trimming.

In this article, we are going to learn about trimming squirmy cat’s nail.

Why should you trim cat’s nails?

Cat’s nails grow faster as your fingernails. Sometimes, nails bother cat as well. There is no need for trim nails if your cat lives outside. Because he scratches objects like trees, rocks etc. But if your cat lives inside the house, he will try to scratch your furniture. For that, we need trimming nails. Trimming cat’s nails not only help in protecting your furniture but also your laps and arms.

Trim a squirmy cat’s nails is somewhat hard. Some cats stay calm when you are trimming. But most cats become aggressive when you try to trim their nails. So, these tricks are for you.

How to trim a squirmy cat’s nails?

There are few things that you should consider before getting to work. First of all, you must check your cat’s mood. If he shows a relaxed and calm mood, it’s your time to work. But never trim your cat’s nails, when he expresses a playful or stressed mood. If you started trimming in the wrong time, your cat will scratch you and escape. So, first, be careful about the mood.

Otherwise, you can turn your cat’s mood to a relaxed one. Here is how you do it. First, try to make your cat familiar to the clipper. For that, you can make him smell it, play with it. With time, he will think that these clippers are not a threat to him. Also, don’t forget to place his favorite food near him. Give him a little piece of his favorite food, and it will make him calm. Let’s get to work.

Things you need to trim a squirmy cat’s nails

  • Nail clipper

This is the main equipment that you need. You can easily buy a nail clipper from the nearest shop, or there are so much durable and convenient nail clippers in sites like amazon. Never use a nail clipper made for humans because cat’s nails are much different from human fingernails.

  • Towel

The towel is for protecting you and prevent your cat from escaping. So, any towel you have in your home will do the work. All you need is wrap your cat from the towel and stop unnecessary movements while trimming.

  • Foods

This is to control his behaviors and makes him calm. Not all cats interested in the same food. As the owner, you already know your cat’s preferences. So, according to that, treat him with his favorite foods.

Steps to trim a squirmy cat’s nails

Before you trim your cat’s nails, focus on his mood. If he is not in a good mood, you can, make him calm by playing with him, giving treats. Never forget to make him familiar with the nail clippers. If not, he will start to see that as a scary object and run away. Also, make him familiar with the sound of the nail clipper. After the equipment and your cat is already, you can start the trimming process.

trim a squirmy cat's nails
  • Always start with a relaxed cat. If he is not relaxed, make him calm by giving foods.
  • Make him familiar with the clippers and its sound.
  • After everything is done, take your cat to your lap. It means you always need to sit behind the cat. The reason is, if he tries to escape, he always uses backside.
  • Then wrap his body with the towel to stop his unnecessary movements. You have to do this gently so that he will not see this as scary.
  • Gently press his paw pads and start trimming.
  • Never trim the whole nails. Just remove the unnecessary parts to make him comfortable.
  • Never do trimming continuously. Just take breaks and give you cat some rest. Because he obviously doesn’t like to stay in the same position for a long period.
  • During the break, you can treat him with food to make his mood right again.
  • Once you are done, you can again give him his favorite food and show some love. If you have done everything well, it will help for the future as well.

Which part of nails should be clipped?

Form a “C” shape from your forefinger. If you imagine for forefinger as the cat’s claw, the distance up to the first knuckle should be cut off by a clipper. Then apply it to your cat’s nails and clip the same distance from the “C” shape.

Never trim too short because it will make cat uncomfortable and sometimes it will make his claws bleed.


If you follow the steps correctly, you can easily trim a squirmy cat’s nails. If you treat your cat well in the trimmings session, he will get used to it. So, he will never try to escape from the future trimming sessions. With time you will master the trimming, and there will be no fuss.



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