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Subconscious mind power

We all have a hidden power inside our mind, which is called “Subconscious mind.”

When you learn what it is and how to use it well, you can change your life to a whole new level. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clear idea about this and how to use it. Also, you may not have a good idea about Subconscious mind power. The subconscious mind can change the way of thinking, build positive attitudes that have so many benefits, reduces stress level, and increase your happiness.

In this article, I am going to discuss about the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind power techniques that can transform your life into a better one. The power of the mind cannot be written in a single article like this. Scientists are still searching for its hidden power. But we can learn the knowledge they gave us from this article.

What is the conscious mind

Before moving into the Subconscious mind, we must have a good idea about the conscious mind. Otherwise, you will mix the techniques that I am going to provide. Even we are discussing the subconscious mind power, the conscious mind is doing a lot in our day to life.

We can identify the conscious mind as the mind we already aware of. It controls our thoughts and our actions. As an example, If you want to run, its a voluntary activity which is controlled by a conscious mind.

Right now, you are reading my article, and it is also controlled by the conscious mind.

The conscious mind can be defined as the logical unit of our mind. It has the ability to describe a situation, analyze a situation, find alternatives, and evaluate situations. Normally when we are thinking about our life plans & future, we use the conscious mind. The conscious mind is an awesome creation of nature.

Limitations of conscious mind

Even this is awesome, and it has its own limitations. One is the low space. It cannot provide much space for our memories. That’s why we usually forget things we have done. Typically when we read something, it directly goes to the conscious mind. That’s why we forget withing few hours or few days.

Also, the conscious mind can only process one thing at one time. When we are trying to listen to a telephone call, while reading books, we usually miss the attention to one of them. It keeps us away from focusing on many items at the same time.

So here is the basic definition for the conscious mind. But a conscious mind doesn’t act alone. It usually uses the subconscious mind in many situations. To learn that, let’s move to our next topic.

subconscious mind vs Conscious mind

What is the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is a part of our mind, which we are not aware of. We don’t have a clear idea about how the subconscious mind works and subconscious mind power. It’s normal because the subconscious mind is working without our knowledge. It means, subconscious mind control all of our involuntary actions.

This is totally different from the conscious mind. This works all day by handling a massive number of functions in our body. The subconscious mind has the ability to control our involuntary functions, emotions, and our habits, etc without getting permission from our conscious mind. I will discuss this with some examples.

Did you ever put any effort into breathing? Obviously, the answer is “No.” The reason is, the subconscious mind controls it, and we don’t need to put a conscious effort to do that function. Whether we are awake or not, this can perform all tasks of the body. As examples, breath, heartbeat, blinking eyes, etc.

All those kinds of involuntary, but vital functions are controlled by this part of the mind. That’s why I said it works 24 hours.

But how something transfer from the conscious mind to a subconscious mind?

Connection between Conscious mind and Subconscious mind

It needs a habit. If we need to transfer our conscious function into the subconscious function, we need to do that function again and again. Doing that, again and again, is necessary to transform a function into the subconscious mind. Functions like breathing, heartbeat, blinking eyes are already controlled by the subconscious mind because those are repetitive tasks of the human body. Even we don’t perform them voluntarily, those are getting repeated again and again in our body. Let’s take another example.

In our childhood, we consciously focused on walking with the feet. We got help from our parents and put a huge effort into walking. But are you putting that effort now? Obviously no.Because we walked again and again. Because of that, our walking function was transferred from conscious mind to subconscious mind.

I know that we are thinking about “Now we have to walk,” “Now we have to run” etc. The conscious mind controls those thoughts. Because it is voluntary. But did you ever think, “Now I have to put right leg,” Okay now the left leg,” etc.? The answer is “No” because our subconscious mind is performing that involuntarily.

Unlike the conscious mind, subconscious mind control all our feeling like happiness, sadness, jealousy, etc. So our article is about subconscious mind power. Before moving to that, you have to be clear about the characteristics of the subconscious mind. The first is, it needs repetition to store data. And the second one is it controls our feelings. The best characteristic (maybe it get worse) is subconscious mind has unlimited memory. The things you heard, feel, smell, saw, or taste from the date you are born to now, are stored in our subconscious mind.

That’s why we know the taste of sugar, the smell of flowers, the feel of fire, etc. We don’t need to put effort into remembering those. It usually activates by our subconscious mind.

subconscious mind and conscious mind

Subconscious mind power

Subconscious mind controls everything in our life unless we learn to control it. The Subconscious mind holds details about your beliefs, attitudes, which arose from your past experiences. If we experienced a bad situation during our childhood, again and again, the scars from those experiences will remain with you forever.

As an example, if a child was bullied by his/her schoolmates, again and again, that negative situation will easily grow in his/her subconscious mind. Because childhood is the age duration, which we learn about the world. If these negative situations grow in his/her subconscious mind, that child will never forgive this world. But there are so many people who were bullied in schools, rejected in societies but still successful. Those are the people who reprogrammed the subconscious mind using mind power techniques.

Researchers have found that there is a direct connection between someone’s reality and his beliefs, which are planted in the subconscious mind. It means if you have a negative image of yourself, your reality will be negative. If you have a positive image of yourself in the subconscious mind, your reality will be positive. Because the reality you face in life, always equal to the image you have about yourself in the subconscious mind.

Here are some examples. If you deeply believe that you are doing things wrong, the subconscious mind forces you to do wrong things.

If you believe that you don’t have friends, and you can’t have friends, your subconscious mind will force you to do things that will cause losing friends.

That’s how it works. Until you have a negative image of yourself, you can’t change the life. But here we are going to learn mind power techniques that can help you to reprogram your beliefs. If you can transform your negative beliefs into positive beliefs, you will feel the power of the subconscious mind.

subconscious mind power

Achieving subconscious mind power

Step 1

Okay, now you have a basic understanding of the main two parts of our mind and its functions. We are going to learn how to create and optimize the power of your subconscious mind under this topic.

So here is the basic and most effective technique that I have found in my research. You may think, this is to easy or the thing won’t work. But this technique was recommended by many psychologists who do their studies about mind power. This is simple.

First, you have to find a comfortable place which doesn’t disturb your mind. Okay, take a book and a pen. First, you have to imagine how you want your life to be. We called it a vivid description. It means you have to visualize your future. Of course, I know you have an idea to buy a car or build a luxury house, etc. Whatever idea you have in your mind, you have to visualize your future.

This process will take a few hours or a few days. Because as human beings, we have so many hopes about our future. Okay, did you create a vivid description of your future? Now take that book and the pen, and write the things you have imagined about your future. But make sure all the things are in the present tense. Here are some examples that I have written about my future.

  • “I am handling a successful website.”
  • “I own a BMW car.”
  • “I own a luxury house that has a luxury swimming pool.”
  • “I have a good wife, who helps me every time.”
  • “My parents are happy because of me.’
  • “I travel around the world see to beautiful destinations”

As you see, everything is in the present tense. Never write things like “I will buy a car,” I will buy a house,” etc. Also never write negative things, because we are going to reprogram your subconscious mind.

As human beings, we may have so many dreams about our future. Because of that, it will take many hours or days to finish this list. Also, we may have to add new things to the list later. So don’t worry about that. Just write the current dreams you have.

Step 2

Now you have a list of your future dreams. Now it’s simple. All you have to do is read that list twice a day. But reading is not enough. First, you have to choose a comfortable place and a convenient time to read this. Early morning and the time before sleep will be much better. (How to live happy- Early morning practices)

Like I said, reading is not enough. You have to feel each dream in your mind. Here is an example. Imagine you wrote, “I own a luxury house.” To feel it, you have to imagine, “I own a luxury house with a beautiful garden. It has a swimming pool and a personal gym. When I am on the balcony, I can clearly see the ocean, and I can smell it. How wonderful is this house”..You have to visualize each goal you wrote by taking the time? You can decide the time you are going to utilize on it.

Do this again and again for about 5 or 6 months until your subconscious mind replaces these positive things by eliminating negative attitudes. Obviously, it will work because subconscious mind cannot hold two beliefs. Either it will say you are successful or unsuccessful. It cannot hold both beliefs.


After 5 or 6 months, you can evaluate your life with the previous months. Obviously, you will be a more confident person, and most of your goals will be achieved already. If they are not, don’t worry. Just give the time for the transformation.

And make sure you perform a conscious effort to achieve those dreams you wrote in the book. Otherwise, you will end up with nothing but a positive mind. So while reprogramming your subconscious mind, work hard to achieve your dreams by putting conscious efforts.

With time, you will plant positive seeds on your subconscious mind, and you will achieve your dreams positively. I hope you got a good understanding of the subconscious mind power technique.

Other subconscious mind power techniques

  • Watch success story movies again and again
  • Read life stories of successful people
  • Meditation
  • Listen to calm music
  • Engage in voluntary services
  • Make connections with successful people
  • Have faith in yourself
activate subconscious mind power

I hope you got a clear understanding of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and subconscious mind power. The person who has faith in him always gets successful. So you are not late. Use the techniques I have mentioned and read my other articles about life hacks to find more useful stuff. Use social media like YouTube, Facebook to read and watch success stories rather than reading gossips.

One day You will be successful, and you will contribute to making a successful world. Have a good day.


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