Do you know what are the simple nail art designs for short nails? It’s a common misperception that nail art is only appropriate for long nails. It doesn’t matter how big your nails are to show the art. So, if you have short nails or don’t have the patience to care for long nails, don’t be discouraged. And also, if you wish to keep your nails short but don’t know how to style them correctly, this post is for you.

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails That Are Simple

Please continue reading to discover some of our favorite short nail designs that show you don’t need long nails to get a gorgeous manicure.

Sweet Strawberries: Simple Nail Art

When you see this manicure, how could your mood not be improved? The bright pink lacquer and strawberries strewn over several nails allude to warmer, sunnier days — presumably spring and summer.

The Far-From-Typical French: Simple Nail Art

New York City-based nail art black-and-neon design proves that the French manicure can be anything but simple — and professionals agree. The new French manicure is about making a line, even if it’s a narrow line with brilliant color. It’s not about getting the right form; it’s about expressing yourself through color. Feel free to utilize any high-voltage colors in your collection to get this effect.

Bowie Lightning Bolts: Simple Nail Art

Some nail artists “mark each point of the lightning bolt with four small dots, then using a super-thin detail brush to combine the lines and thicken where required” to get those red-and-blue bolts down to a tee. For a comparable soft white lacquer, try OPI’s, Alpine Snow.

Geometric Half Moons: Simple Nail Art

This holiday-themed red manicure isn’t only for the holidays. You’ll receive plenty of praises wearing this cut-out, geometric half-moon pattern at any time of year.

A negative space pattern like this may last long and remain on even when your nails grow out. It explains why it’s suitable for short nails. In terms of execution, it recommends using tape since it gives you the most excellent chance of creating clean and accurate lines.

Heart Inception: Simple Nail Art

Hearts on your nails are a great way to spread some love. Draw one heart inside another, using various hues of pink, to create this manicure.

Ombré Floral: Simple Nail Art

This purple manicure with flower details is quite simple to do at home. Use your favorite purple polishes as a foundation, and then add small white flowers anywhere you desire with a bit of paintbrush. The lovely ombré technique gives the illusion of longer nails.

Soft grins: Simple Nail Art

With only three colors — nude, yellow, and black — and a trusty dotting tool, you can create this cute smiley-face manicure in no time. If you don’t have one, some nail artist says there is plenty of stuff around the home that will suffice.

“When making nail art at home, never underestimate the power of a bobby pin and a toothpick,” they advise. “They’re among the greatest tools for producing almost flawless circles, and you can even make fine lines in a style like this using an old eyeliner brush.” Cut some of the bristles away using scissors if the brush is overly thick.”

Twinkling Stars: Simple Nail Art

This manicure will give your nails a subtle glittering look. But don’t be fooled by the gem-like glitter scattered amid the stars. It is just “a modest bit of silver glitter” to give the sparkles a jewel-like luster.

Precious Polar Bears: Simple Nail Art

You’ve probably never heard the terms adorable and polar bears used in the same sentence. Still, this manicure will persuade you that polar bears are one of the prettiest creatures in the world.

This allure that it has drawn a quarter of a circle in the corner added some ears on each head, created two black dots for the eyes and another for the nose to make those adorable tiny faces that peek out from the borders. All of the small face features were created using Orly Liquid Vinyl.

Hint of Animal Print: Simple Nail Art

A tiny leopard print goes a long way when spicing up short nails. It makes a more significant impression when used on the accent nails since it contrasts with the solid colors.

Most artists recommend applying animal print on a few fingernails, but not all of them, for shorter nails since it brings more attention to the manicure while also bringing more variation to your nail art.

Manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo suggests using a dotting tool and the brush that comes with your polish to create your animal pattern designs. 

Then dab the color you want to use for the animal pattern on a bit of tinfoil and work. Leave enough space between the prints because negative space gives it a more realistic aspect.

Shimmering Reverse French Manicure: Simple Nail Art

Going backward may be beneficial in some instances, as French manicure shows. It uses two coats of Brillbrid’s Hypnotic Diamond Gel & Lac in 142 to give this updated take on the French manicure a sparkle-topped finish. It didn’t apply the glitter polish down to the cuticles and sides of each nail to keep the reverse French look apparent.

You are using nail buffer “to level the surface ever so slightly” after applying two layers of the sparkling lacquer. This is crucial for your black gel to apply smoothly and without lumps. If you skip this stage, your look will take longer to complete, and getting a clean line will be more difficult. 


Short nail designs have been begging for attention for a long time. These are the most incredible nail art ideas for short nails, whether you want to do it yourself or bring a screenshot to the salon.

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