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Simple Nail Art Designs For Long Nails

Ideas for simple nail art designs for long nails: Long nails have long been popular. Nail art has recently become quite trendy and prominent. As we all know, nail art is a fun way to spice up your otherwise dull nails. And also, your long nails become an extension of you, allowing you to accessorize and amp up your sense of style even more.

Nail Art Designs & Ideas for Long Nails Stunning Nail Art 

The following are some of the most excellent lengthy nail art designs.

Nail Art with a Glittery Glow

One of the Simple Nail Art Designs For Long Nails is Nail Art with a Glittery Glow

This style is ideal for going out to a party or partying. You’ll be the party star with these bright and glossy nails!


  • Nail polish with silver glitter
  • Nail polish with pink glitter
  • Scotch tape is a kind of tape that is used to hold

Instructions in Steps:

  1. As a base coat, apply two layers of silver glitter nail paint.
  2. Allow the foundation layer to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  3. Using scotch tape, cut off strips. Cut the form out of the video if you want it bent.
  4. Attach the tape to the nail’s end at a fair distance. To avoid the creation of air pockets, firmly press it down.
  5. Paint the exposed tops of your nails with the pink glitter nail polish. Allow time for everything to dry.

Blingy Nude Sophisticated Nail Art

One of the Simple Nail Art Designs For Long Nails is Blingy Nude Sophisticated Nail Art

This nail art design is stylish and sophisticated. It’s great if you want to go for a more subdued appearance at a party. You may customize the bling to your liking.


  • Nail polish in its natural state
  • Jewels for your nails
  • Rhinestones
  • Nail polish glue

Instructions in Steps:

  1. Begin by applying a new layer of nude nail paint as a base coat.
  2. Decide where to place your rhinestones and diamonds once the base coat has dried. Put them in place and take a picture of the finished product when you’re happy.
  3. Apply nail art adhesive to the places where the diamonds and rhinestones will be placed.

Lacy Gracy 

One of the Simple Nail Art Designs For Long Nails is Lacy Gracy 

Lace-based nail art has received a lot of attention recently. That does not rule out the possibility of doing this at home. You certainly can, mainly if you use a stencil or steady hand.


  • Nail polish in gold
  • Nail polish in its natural state
  • Nail polish in black
  • Brush for fine nail art (you can even use a paintbrush)
  • Clear nail polish

Instructions in Steps:

  1. Start by applying two layers of nude nail paint. You may use gold accent nails on the ring fingers of each hand to replace the nude.
  2. Start by dipping the nail paintbrush in black nail polish and painting two diagonal lines in the middle of your nail.
  3. After you’ve finished cutting your lace, begin designing the frills of your preferred forms.
  4. Apply a final layer of clear nail polish to seal the design.

Swirling Master

When it comes to apparel and accessories, golden and maroon are a classic combination, so why not try them on your nails? It depends on your skill level and comfort, and you may select from basic creepers to elaborate lace-like nail art.


  • Nail polish in maroon
  • Nail polish in gold
  • Paintbrush or thin nail art brush
  • Clear nail polish

Instructions in Steps:

  1. First, apply two to three coats of maroon nail paint as a foundation layer.
  2. Allow your nails to dry.
  3. Draw swirly lines beginning from the ends of the nails using a thin paint or nail art brush dipped in gold nail polish. Change the flow of the lines in whichever way you choose.
  4. Apply a clear nail polish top coat to avoid smearing.

Nails with a Checkered Pattern

One of the Simple Nail Art Designs For Long Nails is Nails with a Checkered Pattern

Checkered patterns are a traditional style that may be worn for any occasion. At work, they are inconspicuous, yet at gatherings, they stand out.


  • Nail polish in light blue
  • Nail polish in neon orange
  • Nail polish in black
  • Nail polish in silver
  • Lacquer
  • Paintbrush or thin nail art
  • Scotch tape is a kind of tape that is used to hold

Instructions in Steps:

  1. Apply a foundation layer of light blue nail polish and let it dry completely to create a contrasting backdrop.
  2. Mask strips of your nails with bits of scotch tape. The visible section will be colored, while the covered part will stay blue.
  3. Switchback and forth between the two stripes. To begin, paint the neon orange checks using the neon orange color.
  4. Remove the scotch tape while the nail paint is still somewhat damp. Allow time for it to dry fully.
  5. Reverse the scotch tape application process. Cover the neon orange portions with tape, leaving the blue area visible. Using the black nail polish, repeat the steps from point no.
  6. Remove the tape once more when the nail paint is semi-wet.
  7. Allow time for your nails to dry.
  8. Draw straight lines through the middle of the checkered squares with your brush dipped in silver nail paint.
  9. To avoid smudging, apply a coat of lacquer on top. You may do the design on all of your nails or just the accent nails on your ring fingers.

Shades of Peacock

One of the Simple Nail Art Designs For Long Nails is Shades of Peacock

Peacock tints are ideal for adding a splash of color to an otherwise monotonous existence. They are vivid and will add color to any occasion. These nails are suitable for a beach aesthetic and would complement any mirror or mercury-coated glares well.


  • Holographic nail glitter in the color of peacock (mirror finish)
  • File for your nails
  • Nail clipper

Instructions in Steps:

  • Make a square shape using your nails.
  • File the edges straight with the nail file. To create a robust, durable nail form, use the natural width of your nails.
  • Remove any jagged or rough edges using a file.
  • To paint your nails, use the peacock hue of holographic nail glitter.

Nail Art in Ruby Red

Make a statement with this stunning ruby red nail art design. The contrast between the chilly silver spray and the red-hot nails is remarkable.


  • Nail polish with a bright red hue
  • Nail polish in silver
  • Nail polish in white
  • A thin paintbrush or a brush for nail art

Instructions in Steps:

  1. Begin by forming a ballerina shape with your nails. Find the middle of your nail and file along the lines (similar to stiletto nails) before squaring out your tips.
  2. Paint the base coat with the vivid red nail polish.
  3. One edge of your middle finger’s nail should be painted silver. You may dab on the silver nail polish to create a spray painting appearance.
  4. Draw some wavy lines with the tiny nail paintbrush dipped in white nail polish.


Now you may have an idea about simple nail art designs for long nails. Long nails have a lot of power that should never be underestimated. Long nails are ideal for expressing yourself, staying up with the trends, and adding something extra to your everyday appearance.

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