Signs your bird trusts you

signs your bird trusts you. It isn’t easy to read the bird’s mood. But we can get an idea about it by observing their body language. So, how do birds show affection? First of all, they will let you come closer to them. Even you are near to your bird, it will show no fear. That’s the first sign they show when they trust you. Apart from that, they try to show their affection by eyes. They shrink and enlarge their eyes to show trust. By reading their body language, we can get an idea about their current mood.

So, here we will learn signs your bird trusts you. How to gain your bird’s trust and mistakes you make when petting birds.

Signs your bird trusts you

Birds are very friendly and adorable animals. Most of the time, people choose parrots as their feathered friends. But there are more friendly pet bird species like a cockatiel, cockatoo, Hyacinth Macaw, Dove, etc. However, it doesn’t matter what type of pet you have to understand their affection through the below signs. All of them show the same kind of signs when they trust you. Before moving to the signs, let’s learn about how to gain your bird’s trust.

How to gain your bird’s trust

Birds are very friendly, and they offer loyal friendship to the owners. But you have to raise them and look after them carefully. These are the things you can do to gain your bird’s trust.

Sharing meals

Sharing meals that they are interested in is a good way to make a friendship with your bird. It can build up trust toward you. Take some food that is free of slats and seasoning. Then eat a bit in front of your bird and give the remaining to your bird. Eating in front of your pet bird and sharing meals build trust. Birds are careful, and they observe human behavior well before building friendships.

Keep voice low

Every pet fears loud voices. So, make sure to speak to your bird softly. It will help your bird to feel comfortable. When your voice is loud and rude, the bond between you and your bird will break instantly.

Spend time with your bird

You are a stranger to your newly brought pet bird. To make yourself familiar, you must spend time around your bird. It will help you to create trust. Visit your pet as much as you can. But never try to force your bird to make a friendship with you. When you visit your bird, share some food, speak softly and gently. Remember that you cannot win your bird’s trust in one night. So, take it easy.

Create comfort

You are keeping a bird in a cage that was born to fly free. If you really love your bird and really want your bird, make the cage comfortable. Keep it in a confrontable place which has a good temperature and a good space. Some people don’t care about the comfort of the bird. It can break trust instantly. So, make sure your bird lives comfortably. Also, try to take them to different places in your house. It makes them familiar with the house.

Try grooming

Grooming creates a strong bond between animals, including humans. But never try to do this on the first day. It takes some time to start grooming. When you realize that your bird is allowing you to his body, try to touch the back of his head or feather gently. If you overdo it, you will break the trust instantly. So, make it slow and gentle if you really need to create a bond with your bird.

Let your bird go out.

Once your bird gets familiar with you and your house, you can open the cage and let him out for a while. But make sure he is familiar enough. Also, concern about his safety when he is out of the cage. Because animals like snakes, cats might try to catch him. Never force him to come out from the cage. Just let him do it by himself. This can create a huge trust between you and your bird.

Sing and dance

Bird loves to hear music and dance. This might feel silly. But this is a great way to build trust. Play a nice song near to your bird and dance. I am pretty sure that your bird will join you soon. Because birds are attracted to music and dance.

Signs your bird trusts you

What are the signs your bird trusts you? There are few ways that birds show affection. You can easily find them by observing their body language. Here are some key signs.

They cuddle

Yes, birds cuddle. If the bird tries to walk around your body and try to cuddle, it shows that your bird has a huge trust in you. This will take time. But if you have done all good things to him, he will show his affection through cuddling with you, rubbing his body, etc.

Enlarge or shrink irises

When birds want to show their trust, love, they enlarge or shrink their irises. That’s the way they use to show interest in something. If your bird is pinning, flashing eyes, it means they are not in a good mood.


Not all birds are capable of showing these signs to show affection. Birds use vocalization to show affection, fear, anger, etc. So, you should know what the correct signs are you expect. When they trust you, they try to sing, talk, or whistle. Birds like parrots are very capable of talking. They only show those signs when they trust the person who is in front of them.

Some birds use purring. They use purring to show their affection to others. Birds shake their body and softly purr to show love.


Birds preen to clean themselves. But they never do it if they are not conformable with the surrounding. If your birds preen when you are around him, it means he is comfortable with having you round him. It means he trusts you.


Your bird might try to flap wings to get your attention. Or else they use wing flapping as an exercise. But most of the time, they show their happiness through it. You must carefully observe how he use his wings when you are around him. Because Sometimes, they flip their wings to show their anger and uncomfortableness. So, you should be careful when deciding whether your bird trust you or not. For that, you can use other signs and compare them all.

Tail flapping

Same as dogs, birds flap their tails to show happiness. When they stary fapping tail when you enter the room, it means they have built trust toward you. Other signs like tail bobbing and tail fanning might indicate that he is in anger or in pain.

Bowing head

They bow their head to make you scratch their heads. It means they completely trust you, and they want it from you. So, gently rub your finger on their heads to show your love.

Mimicking you

Birds like parrots are experts in mimicking. When you are around your bird, he will try to imitate you, fit with you. It is a clear sign that your bird trust you.

They show relaxed postures.

When your birds trust you, it will try to show relaxed postures when you are around them. It means he will not see you as a threat to them. He will behave calmly and relaxed.

Bottom line

So, here are the basic signs your bird trusts you and how do birds show affection. But keep in mind that it only takes a few seconds to break the trust you earned over a long period. Whatever you do to make a bond with your bird, do it slowly and gently. Don’t force your bird to create a bond with you. It will take some time. For some, it will take a month. For some, it will take a quarter. It totally depends on you treat your bird while gaining trust.