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My glasses are always smudged

My glasses are always smudged. This is a common complaint of most spectacle users. The most common reason is touching the lenses with a dirty finger. To keep the glass, clean as possible, you should avoid contacting lenses. Touch the frame when you want to use it or place it. Also, keep it in a safe place, that no one cannot make contact. The box that comes with spectacles is much better. In this article, we will learn how to keep glasses clean, remove a cloudy film from glasses, eyeglass cleaners, etc.

Why we should keep clean glasses

Most people wear glasses as a medical device. Most glasses are made for performing a function for you. Glass keeps direct contact with the eyes. When there is dirt on the glasses, it clearly affects the vision. You might not be able to see things clearly using the glass.

As mentioned, glasses keep direct contact with the eyes. When there is dirt on glasses, it can harm your eyes. Most dirt contains dust and sometimes bacteria. There is a chance for those to ingested into your eyes with time. It is essential to learn how to keep glasses clean.

How to keep eyeglasses clean

My glasses are always smudged

Avoid touching lens

Most people touch the lenses uncarefully and complain, “my glasses are always smudged.” This is the common situation for most smudged and dirty glasses. When you are touching the glass, touch the frame instead of the lens. Place the glasses in a place, that no one can touch it. This will basically help you to keep your glasses clean.

Cleaning with lukewarm water

If there is more dirt on the glass, you can clean the glass with lukewarm water. Never use cold or hot water because heat can damage the lens. After washing the glasses carefully, rinse the water in the right manner. Then use an eyeglass cleaning cloth that came with the glass or a microfiber cloth to wipe out the remaining water on it. If this did not work, go for the next step.

Clean with soap or toothpaste

This must be done carefully because both soap and toothpaste may have components that can harm the lens. It is better to use liquid soap or toothpaste like a clogard. First, wash the glasses carefully. Then apply soap or toothpaste and rub the lenses using a finger carefully. Carefully wash and remove the soap toothpaste and wipe out the remaining water with a soft microfiber cloth.

Note: Doing this repeatedly can reduce the glass’s ability to protect your eyes from UV. This method helps to remove scratches from glasses. But never repeat the process frequently.

Using eyeglass cleaner

There are so many varieties of eyeglass cleaners that can use in cleaning glasses. It is recommended to go for glasses cleaner if you have more dirt, and you are not soft when cleaning glasses. Eyeglass cleaners can help to avoid damages, improve the vision of glass, cleaning more. Also, there is a cost-benefit since you don’t need to replace glasses frequently. Using a glass cleaner is the best way to clean eyeglasses.

Above are the best ways to clean your eyeglass clean. Finally, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions and answers.

How to remove scratches from glasses

  • The easiest solution is using toothpaste. But never use this method frequently since it can damage the lens and reduce the quality. Put small toothpaste dots on all sides of lenses. Gently rub them and wash carefully using lukewarm water. Clean the water with a fiber cloth. Make sure you are using non-abrasive toothpaste to clean glasses.
  • Otherwise, you can use a glass etching substance to fix serious scratches. Apply the glass etching substance by using cotton wool. Don’t rub too hard. Apply enough substance over the glass and leave it for five minutes and wash the glasses. Then use a microfiber cloth to clean the remaining water.
  • Know when you need to replace the glass. If none of these tips works, it’s a sign to replace the glasses. Replacing at the right time is critical.

How to remove a cloudy film from eyeglasses

Just follow the steps I have mentioned above.  You can simply clean the glass with a cleaning cloth, or you can wash with soap or toothpaste, or you can apply an eyeglass cleaner. Make sure you are placing the glass in a safe place.

Homemade eyeglass cleaners

Here is an excellent video of making a DIY eyeglass cleaner.



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