Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Nails: Fun Facts

Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Nails

Do you know what are mistakes that are destroying your nails? Although life isn’t perfect, your nails can be! It would help if you treated your nails with the same care as any other body part. You may be fussy about how well your skin and hair are taken care of. But are you giving your nails the same attention? You may severely lower your beauty game if you don’t take care of your nails! Healthy nails are essential for a nice manicure. You might be accidentally hurting your nails by making these blunders.

Biting Nails

Biting your nails is pretty nasty on a scale of one to disgusting. You’re mistaken if you believe the hardest part about chewing is your tiny stubs. Bacterial translocation from your nails to your mouth is also encouraged by this practice, which may make you quite unwell. It may even make those tiny nubs prone to open sores, leading to infections. Do you want to quit smoking? Painting your nails is an excellent strategy to stop smoking. You’ll be less tempted to bite your nails now that they’ve been freshly polished and spotless, ruining your (or your manicurist’s) hard work.

Cutting Your Cuticles

Although it may seem that you don’t need the cuticles, chopping them off is not the best solution. To nourish the nail bed, you should apply cuticle oil. Rather than cutting them, delicately push them back to make your nails seem longer and healthier. If you don’t use the oil, you can hurt yourself. If you wouldn’t put a stick under your fingernail, don’t put one over it.

Removing Polish With Tour Fingers

Have you decided to remove your nail polish on your own? Stop. Now is the time to stop. Forcing your nail paint to come off is harmful to your nails. You’ll be removing your nail paint and the top layer of your nail. Consider it a facial peel gone bad. Because no one wants frail, weak nails, always remove your polish using nail polish remover. Removing it on the fly might be difficult, so bring your favorite nail paint remover wipes. They’re made by various companies and ideal for tossing your handbag.

Poor Healthy Eating

One of the Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Nails is Poor Healthy Eating

First and foremost, ensure sure your nails are developing properly. Keratin, a kind of protein, is found in fingernails. This is the same component that makes up your hair and even your skin’s top layer. So, if you want to maintain your hair, nails, and skin in good shape, you should consume leafy green veggies. Calcium and magnesium are essential minerals. Especially, Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep hydrated.

Getting Gels And Acrylics

While we can’t dispute that the click-clack of gels or acrylics is a favorite of many, they are very harmful to your nails when used regularly. The technician must buff your nails to ensure that the acrylics and gels adhere properly. Buffing to a high degree may cause the nail to become exceedingly thin and fragile, making it more prone to breaking.

Buffing Nails Too Often

We all want our natural nails to be bright and healthy-looking, and buffing is frequently the quickest and most effective method. As we know, there is a price to pay for everything. When you buff your nails, you remove whole layers of nails off the nail’s surface. Ensure you’re not polishing your nails too often to prevent thinning and weakening them to oblivion. You are maintaining a schedule of no more than once a month is recommended.

File Your Nails In A Back-And-Forth Motion

One of the Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Nails is File Your Nails In A Back-And-Forth Motion

If you’re a nail fiend, you’re well aware of the importance of filing your nails. Filing your nails gives them a nice shape and smooths off the edges. You must, however, file them correctly. When you file your nails in a back-and-forth motion, they will ultimately split and fall off. Rather, file them in a single direction to avoid unwanted chipping over time.

Skipping The Base Coat

Have you ever been perplexed why your manicure comes out so streaky, and your nails start crumbling immediately after you’ve finished? This is because you skipped your foundation coat. A good, nourishing base coat fills in ridges and allows for a more flawless polish application while also strengthening and maintaining the condition of your nails. Don’t scrimp on quality!

It Is Not Sealing Off The Edges Of Nails

If your manicure is prone to chipping, you may want to try dragging your topcoat over the edge of your nail to the very tip. Because most chips begin at the tip of the nail, apply two more coats of topcoat to the ends of your nails to seal them in. It’s a simple technique in your nail regimen to help your manicure last longer. What’s more, it’ll prevent you from picking!

Changing Nail Polish Frequently

One of the Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Nails is Changing Nail Polish Frequently

We don’t encourage changing nail polish colors regularly, as tempting as it may be. The polish isn’t the issue, even if you’re using the gentlest polish available. It’s the nail paint remover that’s the issue. Acetone is a powerful solvent that dries up your fingernails. If your nails are completely dried out, your efforts to nurture them will be for nothing. And healthy, dry nails don’t grow very well. You’ll be able to keep the dryness under control if you use it sparingly and only when necessary.

Not Cleaning Your Tools

Even if the nail equipment belongs to you, please make sure that it is thoroughly sanitized after each usage. Your nail clippers (especially the toenail cutters) are nasty after every usage, as are your cuticle pushers and nippers. When cleaning your instruments, the most effective method is to first wash them with soap and water, then thoroughly dry them before disinfecting them with rubbing alcohol. If you use other instruments, like emery boards, remember that they can never be completely sanitized, so change them often and don’t share them with others.


Now you may have an idea about what are mistakes that are destroying your nails. We all like a good manicure or pedicure now and again, but just because your nails appear nice doesn’t mean they’re healthy beneath all that paint. Take the time to assess your nail health and follow our step-by-step method to revive your ragged nails.

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