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Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs and cats?

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs and cats? No. For both, eucalyptus oil is toxic if it is ingested. Cats are more sensitive to these types of oils. Ingesting through the mouth or spreading over damaged skin will be harmful to your pets. Also, inhaling eucalyptus oil is harmful to both cats and dogs.

What is eucalyptus oil?

Eucalyptus oil can be seen all over the world since the eucalyptus plants are growing everywhere. These oils are used for medical purposes, and it has excellent healing power. People extract oil from eucalyptus leaves. Furthermore, it gives benefits like reducing cough, healing chest, reduces infection on wounds, repels bugs, etc.

But most essential oils like eucalyptus oil, ylang-ylang, citrus, pine are toxic for your pets. Cats and dogs have a powerful sense of smell. Things that do not harm you can harm them. Eucalyptus oil becomes toxic if it is ingested through the mouth or skin or inhaling them. It can cause issues like vomiting, skin burns, and even liver diseases. So, it is better to keep away the essential oils from your pet.

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs and cats

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs?

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs.? No, never use such kind of oil uncarefully since your dog is highly sensitive to essential oils. There are a few ways that you can use these oils correctly. We will discuss that later. But most of the time, eucalyptus oil only causes harmful consequences for your dog. If a dog ingested these through the skin, it would cause severe skin burns and damages. On the other hand, if a dog ingested these by licking them, it can cause vomiting, stomach issues, and even liver diseases.

Some people use diffusers to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Yeah, it will be good for you. But your dog has a higher sense of smell. It will cause aspiration pneumonia for your dog. So always consult a veterinarian before using an essential oil on pets or in diffusers. The veterinarian will suggest the best possible oil, which is good for your dog.

Is eucalyptus oil safe for cats?

Cats are highly sensitive. It is the same story as dogs. If they lick essential oil twice or thrice, it will be harmful. Earlier it was said that these oils are safe for cats, which can help with ear mite infestations. But scientists have proved that essential oils are toxic for cats as well. These oils are more dangerous for cats than dogs. It can cause liver failures, seizures, skin burns, and even death for your cat.

Usually, cats are exposed to these oils through diffusers and licking. So, it is critical to place your oil bottles in a place that your cat cannot reach.

Symptoms of eucalyptus poisoning

Vomiting, drooling, unusual weakness are the symptoms of positioning. Look carefully for these signs. If you suspect that your dog or cat has been around essential oil, immediately consult a veterinarian. Here are the signs that your cat or dog will shows if he/she ingested and poisoned by eucalyptus oil.

  • Unusual weakness
  • Vomiting is the best sign which showcases your pet has been exposed to toxic oils.
  • If your pet continuously paws on its face or mouth, obviously, there’s an issue.
  • Your pet might have difficulties in walking, running, and jumping.
  • Sometimes diarrhea can be a result of eucalyptus oil positioning. Don’t confuse it with other causes. Check your pet’s past behaviors.
  • Frequent sneezing is another symptom.
  • Redness of the skin. Usually, this can be seen in dogs.
  • Stomach issue like abdominal pain

Some symptoms may be consequences of other diseases. So, make sure that your dog or cat has exposed to essential oils by checking their past behaviors. Consider the places you have placed your oils and focus on the ways that your pet might expose to those.

If it’s another illness, you will take the wrong medicines for your pet.

What should you do after confirming positioning?

Now you have confirmed that your pets have positioned by eucalyptus oil or any other essential oil. Now take a good look at your pet’s body and check whether there still oils in the skin or fur. Wash your pet and apply soap to remove the oils. Suppose you have found which type of essential oil has caused the poisoning. Take it to a veterinarian with your pets. Ask him for the treatments and get advice about the oils that’s good for the pets.

How to use eucalyptus oil safely?

Yes, these oils are harmful to your pets. But you can use them carefully without harming them. Here are the things you should consider when using those.

  • Eucalyptus oil can be used with shampoo to remove flea infestation from your pet. Just add a few drops to the shampoo and wash it hardly. Never let the oil remain in the skin after the wash.
  • Make sure to place oils in a place that your dog or cat can’t reach. Also, close them tight.
  • Check for eucalyptus plants and cover them.
  • If there are young or pregnant pets in your house, limit the usage of oils.
  • Always consult a veterinarian before using an oil on your pet or in your house.
  • Never apply eucalyptus oil directly to the wounds of your pets. If you see that the pets’ skin is damaged, don’t use oil.
  • Never use diffusers in places that have lower space.


I hope you have found the answer to “is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs and cats.” With careful usage, you can use essential oils in your house. If you are not careful, you are just harming your beloved pet. As mentioned earlier, pets like cats and dogs have a higher sense of smell. So, never decide by only thinking about how you feel with oils like eucalyptus oil. There are many healthy oils you can use on your pets. Even if you want to use harmful oils on the pet, do it carefully. Make sure you are not ingesting those oils.



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