Creative skills such as writing and graphic design are often seen as less of a field than security. People outside of these subjects often assume that it is competitive and more challenging to create or maintain a career with these skills. The truth is that design skills are helpful in almost every industry. There is no innovation without creativity. And also, there is no shortage of options if you are looking for industries where your creative career can thrive. However, design skills in some industries are more in demand than others. These are often referred to as design industries. To categorize an industry as creative, artistic work leads to the business model.

For example, marketing is often seen as a creative industry. Of course, marketing is not all that creative. The industry itself employs many computer sciences and data analysts to make the best use of the information that will create a business. It also employs people with business and financial backgrounds. Other subjects include, but the main product is the marketing guarantee – slogans, business, promotional material, etc. The design industry is not the only option for those interested in developing their design skills professionally. However, the creative industry has an advantage over other industries: designers have more positions in industries where the business model is centered around that art discipline.


Marketing and advertising design are some of the most cited professions in the industry as they need more and more skills. This field uses other subjects, including analytics, finance, and business background. In today’s digital world, the skills of this huge industry are in high demand. Specifically, to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing, advertising, and promotions are forecast to grow faster than usual. Marketing managers earn significantly more than the median income and earn more than $ 130,000 a year. The marketing field depends on many designers, including content strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, and web designers. It would be great if you had a degree in marketing or a related field to qualify for a start-up position. As the industry evolves rapidly, marketing professionals also continue to improve and enhance their education constantly. On the other hand, if you interest in a career in marketing, you should be happy learning new skills and staying on industry trends. They do well when marketing professionals have diverse backgrounds.


Contrary to some beliefs, the publishing industry is never dead. Magazine and book publishing underwent complex changes as brick-and-mortar bookstores closed and people began to digitally receive their news and articles. For example, the job vision for editors has declined. However, in all areas related to publishing, only 1% of the posts are projected in the next few years. Editorial positions are not the only artistic position in publishing, and the industry covers a wide variety of different business models. Today’s magazines are digital, but they include literary, commercial, and geographically specific journals and essential areas such as parenting, feminism, and fishing. There are also book publishers.

Today, many publishers hire in-house editors and writers, but they also often accept writers’ submissions. This can be a major client base for those earning a living as freelance writers or journalists. Publishers also use graphic designers and visual artists to create illustrations, book covers, and other visual content. And also, this career path is not expected to change in the next few years. Art directors need a degree and often have years of experience before qualifying for the position, but they earn more than the median income, more than $ 92,000 a year.


Working on this is a dream industry for those who like fashion, and it is also predicted to grow. Jobs in the industry must grow by about 3%. Therefore, these creative jobs involve a variety of subjects. The fashion industry is made up of designers and includes models, photographers, art directors, makeup artists, and stylists. Take the job of a fashion designer, for example. There will be no change in the category of this position in the next few years, which depicts there will be no loss of positions. You must have a postgraduate degree to enter the field. And also, the current median income is over $ 72,000 a year. Fashion is an industry that people love. It’s a passion industry where earnings are good but can contribute to an industry that you enjoy. If you are interested in a fashion career, there are many clothing designs, publishing, modeling, and textile manufacturing opportunities.

Industrial Design

The industrial design combines graphic ability, science, and commerce. The field is always growing and paying well. Many industrial designers have degrees in architecture, engineering, or industrial design. As an industrial designer, you will create computer drawings or plans to bring new designs or products to market. Especially, the task of the industrial designer is to create the image and model based on the specifications obtained from his client or company. Often the designer works with the client to create original drawings, CAD drawings, and models. They may also have to work with other engineers or specialists to determine aspects of the project, such as whether production costs will be high for profit. Industrial design is an area that is expected to grow at a moderate pace.

Event planning and services

This field may not be at a high level, but the event planning and service sector is a large industry that constantly needs artistic professionals to meet the needs of the client and the customer. This industry includes conferences, concerts, weddings, and any family or festive event you can think of. Thus, the impact of these events on the economy is enormous. Several artistic subjects are used in this industry. And also include musicians, audio engineers, AV technicians, lighting designers, art directors, graphic designers, writers, and speakers. Especially, event planning is also a creative professional choice. It is often considered party planning, but it involves a lot of organisational skills and business acumen.


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