Important Facts About Canadian Students’ Visa from Sri Lanka

Canadian Students’ Visa from Sri Lanka

What do you know about a Canadian student visa from Sri Lanka? Canada has some of the finest educational and living standards in the world. They will get a high-quality education that will open doors for the future and assist them to progress their careers thanks to the country’s academic solid prerequisites and strong quality monitoring. Canada scored perfect marks in quality of Life (which evaluates political and economic stability, public safety, and a healthy job market) and Social Purpose (which measures social justice, human and animal rights, gender equality, and religious freedom).

In comparison to the United States and the United Kingdom, international students may anticipate reduced living and tuition expenditures in Canada. Going to school in Canada is affordable, and students will graduate with globally recognized qualifications that will put them on the fast road to career success. As a student in Canada, students may expect a peaceful, multicultural environment filled with kind people interested in various cultures. With practically every ethnic group from across the world represented in Canada, it’s impossible to avoid encountering ethnic foods and leisure activities.

Canada is a bilingual country with a reputation for being a world leader in language education. Canadian institutions will teach French and English as first and second languages as students advance in their studies and become more valuable to employers. As students continue in their education and become more appealing to employers, they will be able to enhance their fluency and capability in either language. After graduation, students may remain and work in Canada for three years with a three-year post-graduate Canada work visa. However, let’s review that Canadian student visa from Sri Lanka.

Why Study In Canada From Sri Lanka?

How to Apply for Canada Visa from Sri Lanka? · They must bring this letter with them to Canada and show it to a border services official.

As we all know, Canada has one of the most welcoming immigration regimes globally. This level of transparency is unprecedented for Sri Lankans seeking entry, permanent residency, and citizenship in Canada. The Canadian Study Permit program and the options for you and your family to live in Canada are no exception.

Aside from Canada’s educational system being among the best globally, studying in Canada opens up the possibility of permanent residency after graduation. You may permanently migrate from Sri Lanka to Canada if you wish to. However, you don’t have to wait until after graduating to benefit from studying in Canada; under the Study Permit, you may work part-time in Canada while completing your education!

This choice gives you international experience and a means of financial assistance. However, if you wish to apply for permanent residency in Canada after graduation via the Canada Experience Program, it will gain you extra credit points. As a result, when asked, “Why Study in Canada?” Part of the answer is as follows:

  • Access to some of the best educational institutions in the world
  • Being a Spanish citizen, the ability to work in Canada
  • Students studying in Spain have access to a simple application process.
  • A well-traveled and well-known path to long-term visa options for permanent residency in Canada

What Is The Canada Student Visa Process?

There are Canada Student visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens that must be fulfilled by the students to avail Canada student visa

The Canadian government evaluates each application to verify that students have the necessary documentation. If an application is incomplete, they may return it without processing it or may seek further paperwork. Students may be needed to appear in person before national authorities and provide biometric information to get the necessary clearances.

Suppose they are citizens of a certain country. In that case, they may also be required to apply for a temporary residence visa, but this will not delay the procedure since it will be processed concurrently with the application for the study permit. Students judged to qualify will be given a 60-day personal checklist to finish their application online. Create a copy of the page containing the code for future reference. Additionally, they’ll get application help, an estimate of their tuition costs, and a list of the papers they’ll need to send with their application. Individual document checklists will be sent to students, enabling them to upload and transfer their papers to CIC.

What Is A Study Permit In Canada?

The Canadian Government provides an opportunity to Sri Lankan students to study in the country

A Canadian Study Permit refers to a student visa or educational visa in Canada. The study permit allows Sri Lankan students to study at designated learning institutions in Canada while on exchange. Especially, students from Sri Lanka who want to study in Canada must first get a study permit from the Canadian government. The best time to submit your application is before you fly to Canada.

What Are The Main Required Documents For Canada Study Visa?

A Canadian Student Visa or Educational Visa is called a Canadian Study Permit.

When we talk about a Canadian student visa from Sri Lanka, you should get to know what are the main documents required for that. Several conditions must be met for Sri Lankan nationals to get a student visa in Canada. It includes a list of papers that must be submitted while applying for a student visa.

Valid passport

Students who want to apply for a Study Permit must have a valid passport. According to the Canadian High Commission, to study in Canada, students must have a valid passport for the whole period that they expect to be there. There must be authorization and recognition of the passport or travel document by the proper authorities and government; the document must not be expired, and the Canadian government must accept the passport or travel document.

Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution

A letter of admission from the university/institute to which the student wishes to enroll is necessary. Then, authorities admit a Designated Learning Institute to the status of a university. A standardized letter of admission from a recognized institution of higher study is necessary. Students studying in Quebec must also apply for a certificate of admission, or CAQ, from the Quebec government. They must first receive this before applying for a study visa.

Proof of funds

When applying for a Study Permit, students must provide evidence of funding. Students must provide evidence of tuition and living expenses when applying. Each year, a student will require at least CAD 10,000. The student must also show that they have the cash to make an acceptable return. A Canadian bank account in the student’s name is necessary. Documentation of a student/education loan, bank statements, evidence of tuition, and room and board payments are required for a Canada student visa.

Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

And also, a list of potential physicians must conduct an Immigration Medical Examination for international students. Students should make an appointment with one of the following physicians at least one week before applying for a Visa. This allows the doctor to check and submit the needed documents. The panel physician will conduct a full medical checkup.

Score on the English Language Proficiency Exam

Students need to take and acquire their English Language Proficiency Test results before commencing the Visa Application Process. They must submit an English language proficiency score to confirm their entrance to a Canadian institution. All of the following examinations are accepted: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and similar.

Purpose statement

While completing the application process for a Canadian Study Permit, students must submit an essay explaining why they travel to Canada and choose the particular university.

How To Apply For Student Visa From Sri Lanka?

How to Apply for Canada Visa from Sri Lanka? Students can apply for a Canada visa application online or at their local embassy or consulate.

Students accept online applications. The first stage is to determine whether or not Canada’s student visa criteria are being satisfied. Ascertain that you have the papers mentioned above on hand. Students may apply online without difficulty. The online application for a Canada student visa benefits students significantly because it expedites the processing of applications, ensures that applications are complete, allows for easy submission of additional documents, and provides status updates on your application directly in your online account.

Students are often required to produce biometric data. Especially, the authorities review the student application to ensure that all essential paperwork has been provided. Also, students must amend their applications if their address, phone number, or contact information changes after applying. At the port of entry, Canada will provide the student with a letter of the introduction saying that the student is entitled to study in Canada. When the student arrives in Canada, they must provide this letter to a border services officer.

Once the study permit is approved, students must adhere to specific student visa criteria to maintain the study permit’s validity. Students must be enrolled in a recognized learning institution, adhere to any limitations imposed by their study permission, and progress toward completing their program.


Now you may have an overview of your Canadian student visa from Sri Lanka. Canadian college and university degrees are globally recognized. Canada has a high life-quality rating. A safe and pleasant country, it is. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are in the top 50 student cities in QS World University Rankings. World-renowned educators and scholars will teach students. The visa standards differ based on the visa category and the country. You may apply for a temporary residence visa if you are a student’s parent. The study permit is a document that permits international students to study in Canada.

Most students wish for a study permit to study in Canada. Check that the student has the needed documentation before they apply. Students need to apply to study in Canada before going. A student permit is not a visa. Perhaps a visa or an electronic travel pass (ETA). If the study permission is accepted, students will get it.

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