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I hate my wife

“I hate my wife, and what should I do?”. This is a common problem when it comes to the current situation. Not only husbands but even wives are also having the question of “I hate my husband, and what should I do? “. Marriage is a long-term commitment toward each other. When you hate your spouse, you try to cheat or leave. Both choices are not right in the first place. One can argue that there is no option, rather than cheating or leaving. Leaving is okay if you can’t find a way to solve conflicts. But cheating is very unethical.

I have mentioned the essential tips that you should practice becoming a good wife or a good husband to your partner in my previous articles. This article aims to give wives solutions for “Why my husband hates me” and give husband solutions for what to do when you hate your spouse. So, this is beneficial for both parties.

“I hate my wife” – reasons why a husband ignores his wife.

i hate my wife

Wife hates sex

Sex creates the basement for a long term and happy Marriage. Before you get married, you should have a good understanding of each other’s desires. Rejection on bed becomes the top reason for a husband to ignore his wife. When the wife hates sex and rejects her husband on the bed, most husbands end up cheating or divorcing.

Ladies, gentlemen, first choose who suits you. Find some fantastic methods to enjoy with your spouse. Cheating is not an option. There is a 100% possibility to change her attitudes on sex with love. Not with arguments.

Wife becomes serious

You may miss your fun and loving wife, you used to know. It is common for wives to become more serious because they have to bear more family responsibilities, handle kids, etc. So, they may lose time to have fun with their husbands. When this situation continues, husbands become frustrated and resentful. This is also common for wives whose husbands are busy with jobs.

Ladies, it is true that you are busy and serious. But I think you can dedicate at least 5 minutes to your husband. That five minutes can change your life.

Wife is mean

Everyone expects gratitude. Even husbands become frustrated when wives don’t appreciate them and continuously being rude. When the husband is good at his role, they expect more appreciation from his wife. They expect their wives to appreciate their effort done to the family. When wives start complaining, they get frustrated. They end up with the problem, “why is my wife is so mean? “.

Complaining is not right, ladies. There should be love, and there should be sacrifices. Tell him about his mistakes and try to correct those together. Keep your time to appreciate him. Say, “You are the best.”

Feeling neglected

Wives become busier when they have kids and parents to look after. With that, they forgot to treat their husband as usual. Due to that, husbands end up with frustration, and they feel like their wives neglecting them.

Yes, ladies, you are so busy with kids and households, but you can at least use five minutes in your bedtime to make some love.

Wife wants to change me.

Marriage is full of sacrifices. Both parties must understand and respect each other’s perspectives.  Most wives think that they left their family and come to live with their husbands so that they have made enough sacrifices. Yes, it is 100% true. But never expect from your husband to change as you wish. It put too much pressure on them, and that makes your husband say, “Crazy wife,” “I hate my wife.” If your husband is doing things wrong, you can change him smoothly and make sure you are not putting pressure on him.

Less togetherness

After Marriage, both husband and wife have to make many decisions. Most wives take these decisions alone, and they convince their husbands to follow that decision. That makes them frustrated. Don’t always decide things alone. Many are your decisions may not fit your husband. Discuss together and come to a conclusion together.

She is a zombie on the bed.

Most husbands do their best on the bed, and they expect their wives to do the same. With time wives become like zombies when making love on the bed. They never satisfy. Even they got satisfied, they never show it. Accordingly, sex becomes a one-sided effort. This makes husbands frustrated.

So, ladies, appreciate your husband’s effort. Tell him he is great on the bed. If he is doing things wrong, take control, and enjoy. Find some new positions to enjoy and use tricks like role plays, toys to have pleasure. Become an active woman on the bed.

No privacy

Obviously, you might have some best friends. Some wives are used to discuss private matters with their best friends. When your husband gets to know it, he starts hating you. He stops telling you things. Privacy is essential. Respect the privacy of your husband and yours to make him stop thinking, “I hate my wife.”

She is always right

Most wives do not have the kindness to apologize for the mistakes they have made. They just turn the mistake on to husband’s side and blame him like it is his fault. No ladies, none of us are perfect, and we cannot be perfect. Say, “yes, it is my fault,” if it is your fault. If it is his fault, do not complain. Just make him understand the outcomes of the mistakes and guide him to correct it.

I hate my wife and what I should do.

i hate my wife

What you should not do is cheating. Besides that, you have so many options. If none of the options works, you can choose whether you should get divorced or not.  Dear ladies, if you are having the problem, “why my husband hates me? “the above reasons are the answers. Read how to become a better wife to change your marriage life. Dear gentlemen, if you hate your wife, now it’s time to learn how to love your wife. Marriage is a two-way commitment that only works when both parties ready to make sacrifices.

So both husband and wife must learn how to become a better wife/husband. With that, you can solve this issue without ending up with a divorce. Here are simple things you should do.

  • Respect each other’s perspectives and attitudes
  • Respect each other’s likes and dislikes
  • Start dating again with your wife.
  • Be active on the bed.
  • Do role-play, use toys, and different positions when you are making love.
  • Surprise your spouse with gifts
  • Keep time to make love with your spouse.
  • Respect the privacy
  • Always be honest and never expect to cheat.
  • Apologize when you are wrong
  • Treat him/her with favourite foods and drinks.
  • Go and do some adventures
  • Find joint hobbies
  • Keep time to discuss the future.
  • Always be clean and tidy.

Final thoughts

This article for the people who hate their wives. Not only husbands but wives are also having frustrated feeling toward their husbands. In a marriage, both must have a clear understanding of their roles. If the role is unclear, never get into a marriage. After the marriage don’t become him/her wife/husband. Become him/her best friend, lover, parent, child, sibling etc.


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