Overthinking can cause severe mental issues like stress, depression. Thinking about something without a limit can be identified as overthinking. But it is not a simple as that. So how to stop overthinking?

To overcome overthinking, first, you have to be aware of what is happening around you. You have to understand reality. Overthinking leads us to imagine things that will never happen. So it is essential to know the reality. As the second step, you have to build positive attitudes. Overthinking is a negative attitude. It leads us to see what can go wrong. but positive attitudes will help you to see good in everything. (Read benefits of positive attitudes)

What is overthinking?

Overthinking is a painful issue that leads us to memorize things again and again. The experiences we had in the past, your present situation will come to your mind without your permission. The bad thing is, overthinking only ponders adverse events most of the time. We will start to remember the bad stuff that happened to you again and again, and it will go through your mind without stopping. Overthinking is an endless loop.

Psychologist are saying that overthinking can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and it can cause death or madness. But here is something we have to understand carefully. Overthinking is common, but it only gets worse when you can’t stop it. Researchers have found that overthinking is not the main disorder, but it is a symptom of many mental disorders. But if you can showdown overthinking, you will be able to get rid of other mental disorders.

As an example, a person who has social anxiety disorders always try to think about the bad things that happened to him when he was in the society. Also, he will try to imagine bad things in his mind, which was never happened. It’s overthinking. Accordingly, we can identify overthinking as a symptom of many mental disorders like panic disorders, social anxiety disorders, phobias, etc. If you learn how to stop overthinking well, you can prevent other mental disorders too.

Overthinking prevents you from doing things. You will start to stay in the same place without doing anything. Overthinking only puts you in a loop of thoughts. It can waste your time, energy, and in the end, you will be exhausted. Your happy life will be faded, and your social connections will be gone.

So learning how to break free from overthinking can claim you happiness and efficiency back. Okay, let’s find out how to snap out of overthinking.

How to stop overthinking

I am giving you the tips recommended and stated by the psychologist in order to overcome overthinking. It’s up to you to use them well and break the habit of overthinking.

Make yourself busy

I recommend this as the best way to snap out of overthinking. Make yourself busy doing things. The more we engage with work, the less time we will have to think. This doesn’t mean you have to work 24 hours. Just engage with your regular works and do some fun activities when you are here. Here are some excellent activities.

If you a married person, you can share your time with your partner and make yourself busy by doing cool things with your partner.Whatever the way you choose, try to reduce your remaining free time until you forget about overthinking.

Positive attitudes

This is so important. Without having a positive attitude, you can do nothing about overcoming overthinking. Overthinking leads us to see the bad side of everything. It leads us to create a negative attitude on everything. That’s why building a positive attitude is so important when it comes to shutting down overthinking.

Stop visualize things. Just face everything with a positive mind. Always think that you are having a good day and good experiences. Learn how to live a happy life by changing your mindset from negative to positive.

Start the day with a good plan

Never start a day with stress and laziness. Wake up at least at 4.30 a.m and use a few minutes to create a good plan about your day. Learn how to manage time well and make yourself busy with favourite things. Get a healthy breakfast that can boost your energy of the body and mind. Use a few minutes to do exercises and listen to a beautiful song. That’s how we can start our day properly.

When you are having a day plan, you know what to do and when to do things. So there will be no time to waste by overthinking. That’s how to stop overthinking using a proper plan.


This is a common solution with highly effective results. Doing mediations regularly can help you to understand your mental disorders and how to break free from them. Meditation helps us to focus on one good thing.

Overthinking is lead us to think again and again on the things that never happen. When you are overthinking, it is so hard to change your focus away from that endless loop. That’s the time you can get help from meditation. Meditation helps us to focus on one thing rather than thinking a lot. Let me give you the best mediation practice that can help you to stop overthinking.

Buddhist have introduced this, and they call this “Anapanasathi Bawana”.So let’s learn how to do this. Find a comfortable place to sit and relax. It is better if you can sit on the floor. Now close your eyes and think about your breath. Keep trying to focus only on breathing. Doing this more and more can train your mind to focus on one thing, and that’s how to overcome overthinking using meditations.

Forget the past

Overthinker are often focusing on past experiences and wasting time thinking about “what ifs.”Try to understand that we cannot get back a minute, which we have already used. The past is about things that happened.Thinking about the past, more and more cannot change the past.

Unless you have a time machine, changing the past is impossible. That’s the bitter truth. Letting go of the past means stooping, giving control to the past to change your future. Take control and use your past only to correct your mistakes and be a better person. Never hate yourself because of the past.

If you have enemies from the past, forgive them. If you have friends from the past, keep them. Never let the past to destroy your present and future.

Don’t try to be perfect.

Nobody is perfect, and no one cannot be perfect. We all make mistakes; we all do the wrong thing. It is human nature, and you have to understand it. If you are waiting for perfections, you can stop it now. Otherwise, you with be drowned in the sea of overthinking.

If you start thinking you want something to perfect; it is time you have to remind yourself, “Nobody is perfect.”It’s okay to do things perfectly but never expect too much. If you want to learn how to stop overthinking completely, use this tip as your favorite one.

Get a good sleep

Sleep is essential for the mind. We heal when we are sleeping. But this the one that most people neglect when it comes to breaking free of overthinking. Having less sleep can make you vulnerable to many issues like anxiety, depression, laziness, and other psychical problems. But overthinkers again will have a problem when it comes to sleep. How to stop overthinking at night?

Here I am suggesting you some useful tips that can bring you a better sleep

  • Make sure your bedroom is clean and comfortable because the uncomfortable situation will not bring you the sleep.
  • Using earplugs is a great solution to get rid of the noise, and it will also help you to sleep without distractions.
  • Never force yourself for sleep. The more we think about sleep. Try to read a book before going to sleep, and it will help you to sleep well without forcing yourself.
  • If none of the above works, you can contact a doctor and get sleeping pills. Use this as the final solution. Because sleeping pills can make us addicted to it.

List down your achievements

This is tricky, but I guarantee this can help you. Take a small paper, or use your mobile phone to do this. Now list down your achievements over the past years. Whether those are amazing or not, list down every achievement.

The things you write don’t need to be huge achievements. In the end, you will have a huge list which may surprise you.if you are feeling down, you can refer the list and motivate again.

Try to solve the problem

Overthinking refers to think about the problems which already happened or which have not happened.But overthinking doesn’t usually give a solution to those problems. It just leads you to think more and more, and in the end, you will be the same person with the same problems.

So if you are overthinking, try to find solutions every time. Take charge of your life. You are the one who can control your life, so try to find alternative answers for each question that comes to your mind. In the end, you will have a massive list of solution for the problems which is going to happen.

understand that you can’t predict the future

No one can predict the future, because the future is full of alternatives. We cannot simply predict what is certainly going to happen.so never waste your time on predicting the future. It can help to shut down overthinking. Use that time to make your present decisions well, and without an effort, you will have a great future.

Spend more time with people

Social life is essential for anyone. Even you are an introvert person, you can make a connection with a few people. Find a few friends that can help you to utilize your time and be a good friend to them.

If you cant walk into society and find friends, you can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Whatever the way you choose, try to engage with some people and spend time with them. It will help you to forget the bad things and fill your mind with happiness. A friend, a neighbor, a family member, a lover is so essential when you want to learn how to stop overthinking.

Ask for the help

When you have identified that nothing works anymore, you can get help from a professional. There are so many certificated professionals who can help you maintain your mental health. Tell them everything, and they will show the path to stop overthinking completely. Use this as the final method, because if you can use the above ones, it will be a great investment to your life.

Okay, we have discussed 12 ways on how to stop overthinking about something. I hope you have found the answers to your problems. But finally, I want to give more knowledge about overthinking. Now let’s Identify the causes of overthinking.

What are the causes of overthinking?

As I said before, overthinking is common for everyone. All human beings tend to hunt for answers. For that, we do imagination, and with that, we create an imagined problems list and solutions list. It is totally good. We need to overthink to see all possibilities for a particular situation. But it gets worse when we lose control of overthinking. We trap in an endless loop and make our mind exhausted.

So here are the causes of overthinking

Lack of confidence

When we don’t have enough confidence to face something, we tend to think more and more about that thing. We try to imagine what will happen next. But the thing is we never try to do that work. The only thing we do is thinking again and again. So it creates overthinking.

Negative mindset

Here we assume that every problem is happening only to you. So you keep thinking about the bad things again and again. It creates a negative attitude. You will start seeing everything as a bad thing, which is going to strike you. In the end, you just keep drowning into it instead of solving things.


Most people become overthinkers because of loneliness. When you don’t have someone to talk, smile you start using that time to overthink. You may feel than it is normal, but in the end, you will end up overthinking. So this becomes a common reason for most overthinkers.

Too much care

When we are caring too much about someone or something, we use to overthink. This is good for them, but not for you. Yeah, it is necessary to take care of things you love. But too much attachments and caring can lead you to sorrow and to overthink.

Final words

Above is a full guide you need to learn on how to snap out of overthinking. I have mentioned the causes and ways of stopping overthinking.Now it is your time to change your life to a better one.

Get control of your life because no one else can control it unless you permit them.Never give up.

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