Everyone is fighting their own battles. That’s why we can’t judge anyone. Sometimes we create our own demons. We call that demon “hatred.”Sometimes we hate others, and sometimes we hate ourselves. Both are failing points of life. The person who hates himself is dangerous. Because he may hurt himself or others. So how to stop hating yourself and be a better person.

Self-hatred born with low self-esteem. This may bring adverse effects to you like anxiety, depression, stress, relationship damages, and even suicide. So controlling self-hatred may result in enhancing your life.

Mainly the family environment, social environment, and the ego may result in self-hatred. Also, social media has a high effect on a person’s mind. Likewise, there are many reasons for this. Some are controllable, and some are not. First, we have to identify that do we suffer from self-hatred or not. But how can we recognize that we hate ourselves?


A person who hates himself may always think that he is stupid, and he can’t do anything. That’s the main symptom of self-hatred. Also, a person like this may not allow himself to fun and entertaining activities. He or she may refuse parties, social gatherings, etc. The main reason is that kind of person love to be alone; even they are not happy being alone. Here are some main symptoms of a person who hates himself.

  • Hopelessness
  • Aimlessness
  • Avoid crowd
  • Addictions(Drug)
  • Anxiety
  • High anger
  • Under or overeating
  • Defeatism
  • Self-isolation
  • Relationship sabotage
  • Refuse to help others etc

How to stop hating yourself

There are many things you can do by yourself, and you can ask others. None of these methods won’t work if you cannot control your ego. Never be shy to get help from someone in this kind of situation.

  • Building a positive attitude
  • Avoid social media
  • Forgive yourself
  • Make friends
  • Meditations
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Find a life partner
  • Go for counselling service

Building a positive attitude

Building a positive attitude may be a hard process for a person with negative attitudes. Self-hatred is a negative attitude. So the first thing you should do is build positive attitudes. Without this, none of the other methods will work. Creating a positive attitude has many benefits to your life. The main thing is, it eliminates the negative mindset.

Develop habits to eliminate bad feelings. When you are awake in the morning, always keep saying,” this day is going to be the best one.”Work for it

Avoid social media

Researchers have found that people who use social media are directly open to stress, anxiety, and depression. Not everyone, but most of them may affect social media. How can social media affect us badly?

We may compare our lives with someone else. Other parties may upload photos or videos of their celebrations, social gathering, and other fun activities. But if we live alone, those pictures or videos may become a shock to us. We call this a toxic comparison. What we have to understand is, the things they put on social media are only showing the surface of their lives. They may also face troubles deeply. We only see what they want us to see.

Just avoid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, or whatever for a few days. You will feel much better. Try setting goals. First, you can try to avoid social media for three days. Then four or 5. Likewise, you can increase the day count. The more you avoid them, you will be able to stop hating yourself.

Forgive yourself

Most of us forget this part. The mistakes we have made may result in self-hatred. It will hunt us and burn us from the inside. We will start to hate ourselves by thinking, “I am always wrong. I can’t do anything properly.”

First, understand why you made those mistakes, why you have failed before. Learn from those mistakes and ensure that those will not happen again and again. Every mistake can give us knowledge and lesson. We become more knowledgeable when we made mistakes.

See the silver line of each mistake. Understand how much knowledge you gain from doing things wrong. None of us is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. So why you keep hurting yourself by thinking about those again and again. Forgive yourself. It will help you to stop hating yourself.

Make friends

I am sure that this will be the best way to stop self-hatred. Learn how to become a good friend. A friend can help to save our souls. When we are with them, we won’t have time to hate ourselves. Also, friendship can bring happiness to our lives.

Don’t try to isolate yourself. Just walk outside and make new friends. Attend their parties, travel with them, help them, and ask them to help you. If you have good friends on your side, they will obviously save you when you are in danger.


You can meditate yourself, or you can participate in programs. Both will help you to stop hating yourself by becoming more aware of negative feelings. I suggest you meditate programs. It will teach you to abut negative emotions and how to overcome them. With that, you will be able to study negative feelings rather than affecting them.

If you cannot participate in meditate programs, you can download and install meditation application on your mobile. Those provide steps to meditate well and calm music. There is no special place or particular time to meditate. You can do it every day at any time.
Learn whats hurting you and avoid them. Be more knowledgable.

Avoid alcohol

To stop hating yourself, you have to stop your connection with alcohol. We may feel that alcohol can give us more peace in our minds. But the reality is, it brings more unfortunate situations. A person will mental illness may drink too much, and drinking too much can also bring mental illnesses.

Drinking directly affect our sleeping patterns and energy level. It breaks down our regular life. So if you are drinking to forget your negative mindset, please stop it now. Alcohol directly breaks down our central nervous system, which may result in changing our emotions and feelings. Also, alcohol can reveal our past struggles and past memories. It may cause damage to your life and others’ lives. It means it directly breaks down safety.

If you want to stop self-hatred, stop drinking and smoking today. You will feel much better after a good sleep, and you will understand that you have just misunderstood yourself.

Find a life partner

If you are alone, find a life partner. Why we are just hurting ourselves by being alone. It is obviously good if there is someone to listen to us and help us. It will give us better feelings. This is an excellent method to save your life. Choose your partner wisely. Otherwise, you will suffer more.

Go for counselling service.

If you can’t control yourself to stop hating yourself, you have to find a counsellor. Give every information that the counsellor needs without hiding information.He/She will help you to cope with your negative feelings. Follows the methods they provide well.

So above are the things you can consider when trying to stop hating yourself. The hardest part is the beginning. If you can start enhancing your life without thinking twice, you can be successful. In this site, you will be able to find more articles related to improving your life. Read them carefully and follows the methods I have provided. The result will depend on the way how you use my tips.


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