How to live a happy life? Anyone have this problem in their minds. Happiness is a relative concept. The definition of happiness gets different from person to person. But we can divide the factors which decide happiness into two parts.

how to live a happy life

One is the external factors. A person may define happiness as having a luxury car while another person is defining happiness as having a motorcycle. So we can’t decide how to live a happy life according to the external factors. Because people have different desires for external factors.

The second one is the internal factors. These factors don’t get varied from person to person. Most of the internal factors are familiar to anyone. Only a few internal factors get different from person to person. We can identify these common factors as good health, contended life, love, faith, support, etc. These factors become the reason for happiness for anyone.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to adjust these external factors and how to live a happy life and how to feel satisfied. Here we are giving you some essential points that you need to be considered. Happiness makes us a better person.

Build positive thoughts

feel happy by thinking positive

Building positive attitudes is the first step you have to take. If you miss this, you can’t go to other steps. When you decide to develop positive thoughts rather than negative ones, you may start to feel a high level of life satisfaction. Because there are so many benefits of positive attitudes.

Researchers state that the person who has a positive attitude can develop optimism, and he can gain a higher level of life expectation with higher life satisfaction.

Look kindly and calmly at the things and people around you. Keep this positive attitude forever to feel happy.

Often smile

Smile is the symbol that shows that you are a happy and satisfied person. Focus on smiling at everyone, everything. Sometimes you may feel your smile is a fake one. But don’t worry. Keep smiling until you find a genuine way to smile with your heart. Smile with your friends, enemies, neighbors, and all others. This can make you a better person who lives a happy life.

Find the cause for your fault

Everyone made mistakes. But it doesn’t mean that you have to make mistakes to become a common human being. Try to find causes for your mistakes and try to eliminate those causes. Just take a few minutes to think about your mistakes and how to avoid them. Never blame others for your mistakes, and never get stuck on thinking about you as a failure. Both of them can kill your happiness. Find your core values, good habits, and try to eliminate the causes for failures using those good things in your inner body.

Bounce back

None of us can live a life as we expected. Because there are so many external and internal factors that can fail us. There are so many things that can bring us down. We can’t live a life which only has a pleasant experience. From time to time, we may face different problems and different struggles. But what will happen we stay down when we get failed?

If you want to live a happy life, you can’t stay down. You have to bounce back to the mental state you were before you faced the problem. Find the courage to grow again rather than staying down with anxiety and stress.

Think before you wake up

think before you wake up

Sleep is the most crucial thing that decides our happiness. You should get enough sleep rather than stay awake until midnight. Also, you have to wake up early than the others. Most of the successful people start their day at 4.00 a.m.Researchers have found that the best time to think about your plans and other essential things is the early morning. Use this time to get ideas about how you are going to spend today.

Sometimes our dreams can make us unhappy and stressed. So use this time to get rid of negative thoughts you have and build positive attitudes. Start your day with the full bucket of positive thoughts. So think before you get out of the bed.

Take a good bath

Bathing in the morning is highly effective. But it is terrible for people with different illnesses. If you are a healthy person, take a good bath in the morning. But bathing in the morning is not enough. You have to customize your bathroom. Put some flowers in the bathroom and set a music player, and play beautiful and calm music. Paint your bathroom using light colours, which can relax your mind. Okay, you are ready for a happy day.

Get some rest

If you are a woman, obviously you may have to do a lot of works during the day. Maybe you are a busy man. Whoever you are, try to get some rest after the work or during the work. If you are staying at home, find time to watch your garden, pet your dog, etc. If you are working in an office, find some time to listen to a song, time to have a short nap. After your works are done, do the best thing which comes to your mind at first.


Mediation is the foundation of happiness.find time to meditate.Researches have found that mediation methods related to Buddhism have a high effect on our mind and the body. These activities can calm your mind and body, reduce the stress level, and improve the healing. Here is an example of a simple meditation practice you can follow.

Close your eyes and think only about your breath. Slowly breathe in and out. Always try to focus on breathing. This can help you to avoid bad thoughts you currently have in mind.Do this for 5-10 minutes, and you will feel that you are now refreshed.

Cook your favorite food

Learning how to cook is an excellent way to invest in yourself. Here you have to make the food that you like most. If you don’t know to cook, you can seek a place which provides your favourite meals. Even this is an external factor which decides the happiness; this is common for anyone.

Cooking and eating your favorite meal can bring you happiness. That’s how to live a happy life.

Forget your past

forget the past

Maybe you have a past full of bad experiences. Think for movement, can we change the past? No, we can’t change the past. The only thing we can change is the present and our future. Just forget the past and appreciate what is going to happen in the future. Even the wound of your past hurt you, don’t give those wounds to chance to change your future decision. Make your own and fresh decisions that can create a future without worries.

Every minute we have spend is forever gone. We can’t get that minute again. So why are you keep struggling in your past? Those minutes are gone. Find a way to happiness by forgetting those things. But never forget what made you happy. Because those helps to build positive vibes.

Read books

There are so many importance in reading books. The main thing is it can help us to focus on one subject. We lose our happiness when we decide to focus on many subjects. When we try to focus on one thing, there will be nothing to distract us. Try to read religious books. Those will help you to understand the meaning and the purpose of living a happy life. It can make you aware of the things that make you sad and how to avoid them.

Donate blood

The best gift that we can give to someone is life. Blood is the foundation of life. So if we donate our blood annually or on our special events like birthdays, save a life by giving blood regularly. This will help you to improve your inner happiness.You can be happy by memorizing how many ties you help people to save their lives.

Create a mission statement

how to plan the future

A mission statement is a description that describes your vision. Write a proper mission statement by stating the things you hope to achieve. If you want to live a happy life, write down what kind of things you have to do to make you happy. Be specific and be honest to yourself while writing the mission statement.

Write everything, including how to treat your family, friends, neighbours, and other people and what are things you can do when you get failed, etc. Stay focus on the plan, and it will help you to live a happy life.

Flirt someone

The first thing you have to do is aware of the values you expect from someone. List down the most important things that you expect from someone before going to flirting. Law of attraction state that when you know the qualities you want to attract, you can easily attract them. Okay, now you are set.

Try to find a person that can bring you happiness. You can use dating sites or other ways. Whatever the method you choose, just make sure your flirt the right person. Ask him/her for dinner or walk. Tell him/her about you and how you feel. Say funny things ann enjoy well. This is how to live a happy life.

Eat health foods

Our health has a direct effect on our happiness.If you are a person who gets sick all the time,there will be no reason to become happy or feel happy. You will be stressed and depressed when you are sick. So eat the food to maintain good health. It doesn’t mean you have to stuck on a fixed food list. You can limit the unhealthy meals ann increase the usage of healthy foods. That can help you to feel happy.

Enjoy with friends

Friends are the most important people in our life.Because they are a hight that affects how we feel. Bad friends can bring you evil thoughts, while good friends are bringing you happy and positive ideas.

So choose good friends that can enhance your life and be a good friend to them.

Travel with them, go for dinner with them, party with them. Enjoy life in the right ways. Organize a party and invite them. Do everything that can make you happy in the right ways.

Avoid alcohol

There is a myth that alcohol can help us to forget bad things. That’s not true. Alcohol only harms our central nervous system, and it reduces the emotional level. That’s why we feel calm after drinking alcohol. But after they are gone, the bad things come to our mind more than before.

I am not saying that you should stop drinking alcohol. But if you want to live a happy life, you have to stop or reduce the drinking. It is a must. Alcohol may cause internal problems like stress, anxiety, and depression, and also it can cause external problems like relationship problems, conflicts, etc. So the final result is bad.try to avoid alcohol.

Have a good sex

Have a good sex life

Sex is more important to our mental health. But we must assure that we are not doing engaging In sexual activities more than the limit and less than the limit. We have to stay on the limit if we want to be happy. Try to be a better husband for your wife or try to be a better wife for your husband.

Change your sex positions and methods regularly. Use sexual activities as a creator of happiness. Do some roleplays with your partner and find new ways to enjoy it. This will defiantly bring happiness to your life and your partner’s life.

Do sports

Sports can help us to maintain a healthy body and make good friends. Engage in different sports activities with your family with your friends with your partner. Join sports clubs and do different types of sports. You will be happy, and also you will learn how to handle the failures in your life. You will learn how to accept the faults and avoid making mistakes.

Balance the family

You may be a parent, or you may be a child. Whoever you are, just balance your family life. Find time to have family time. Even your parents or kids are expecting attention.So find some time to look after them. Show them that you are here for with their problems and ask how their life goes on.

Nowadays, the main reason for unhappiness is having family problems. So a balance family life will you the happiness you always expected. Do your part in the family, and others will do the same.

Maintain a flower garden

Whether you are a male or female, flowers can help you to become a calm person. Flowers can reduce stress levels. Try to plant flowers that have different colors.When you get failed or when you start feeling bad, you can visit your flower garden and forget about the wrong things. That’s how to live a happy life.


day dream to live a happy life

Daydreaming in the morning can help you to reduce stress, improve creativity, improve the mood, and find solutions for the problems.escape from reality and run to the places you love. Imagines different solutions that can be used in solving problems. Let your thoughts fly in the sky.

Practice successful habits

There are so many successful habits you can practice in life. But we can compress those into main points and here are those.

  • Learn time management
  • Be curious
  • Support others
  • Keep your word
  • Do the right thing in the right way
  • Practice self disciplines

These successful habits will help you in the home place as well as the workplace. You will feel high, and people will get attracted to you. You will be happy after all.

Control finance

Some people get stress because of finance. People get into problems when they can’t control their finance, including incomes, expenses, and savings. So the best thing is cutting down unnecessary costs and try to save a lot.saving money is a discipline you have to practice. It comes with self-controlling. Also, try to differentiate your income streams. If you are earning from active income streams, try some passive income methods to make some extra some bucks.

Also, there are so many methods to earn money online from home. Use them to differentiate your income stream. Track your monthly bills and prepare a budget. Stay focus on the budget, and never try to do expenses beyond your budget. This will help you to live a happy life.


Traveling is an excellent way to bring happiness to your life. Travel the places you have never seen and eat the food you have never tasted. Most importantly, try to visit different cultures. Engage in cultural activities with those people, and you will feel happy.

It does not important that you are traveling alone or traveling with friends.You can enjoy both ways. Traveling alone will help you to enjoy your freedom as much as you like. Both methods have pros and cons.whatever the methods you choose will bring you happiness.

Engage with your hobbies

You may like reading books, or you may like swimming as your hobby. Whatever is your hobby, engage with them in your free time.Never forget them. Because those are the things that make you happy. Hobbies like swimming, poetry, writing will help you to find different people and professionals.Use them to make you happy and contended. That’s how to live a happy life.

Final words

how to live a happy life

Here I have stated the main 26 ways to live a happy life.No it is up to you to decide to use them well or not. I am sure if you use them well, you can find the happiness of your life.

As I said before, you have to understand that none of us can have a perfect life. We made mistakes, and we get failed; we become frustrated, etc. The things is how long we are staying down. The more you reduce that time, the happier you will be.

I hope you have found the solution to how to live a happy life and how to feel satisfied.

Thank you

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