How to get back into reading? People become busy, or they get addicted to social media. With time they lose interest in books. Social media and other media come in colours and sounds that can attract you. So, many people think reading books is boring. If you are that person and you need to love books again, we will give you some useful tips to get back into reading.

Why should you read books?

 Books can bring several good things to your life. It only has importance. It means you cannot find the negative consequences of reading books. Reading books is also a fantastic way to invest in yourself. Unlike social media, books can boost our brain and intelligence. You may be addicted to social media. But it’s time to get back into reading once again. It’s not boring if you do it correctly. Books can take us to a whole new world, and our imagination gets expanded when reading books. You should obviously read my article about the importance of reading books.

How to get back into reading?

So, how to get back into reading? For a person who is addicted to social media, this might feel hard. As many scientists say, social media is a place that often generates negative attitudes. Furthermore, mental issues like stress and depressions are born because of social media. On the other hand, social media has so many advantages. It also can improve your knowledge. But most people just waste time on unnecessary things when there is good knowledge available on social media. But books only give a positive attitude. When a person reads a book, he/she will not have any other thing to focus on. So, let’s learn how to love reading again.

How to love reading again?

Find a library and join.

The population who use libraries is decreasing day by day. But the library is a great place to borrow books for a lower price for a shorter period when you don’t have enough money to buy one yourself. Libraries hold many varieties of books, and you can select one without worrying about prices. When you joined a library, it motives you to go there again and again. Also, there are communities in libraries. When you joined with such kind of community, people will suggest the best books. Additionally, they will motivate you to read and vice versa.

Allocate a specific time

This doesn’t mean you have to create a timetable and stick to it. But there should be a specific time that you choose to read. Mostly the nights and weekends are the best. But go beyond that. Read whenever you can. You can use offline or online reading according to your preference. As many say, reading is a great way to overcome overthinking and issues like stress, depression.

Start with interesting genres.

Now you are far away from reading. If you want to get back to It, the first book you read should attract you well. With that, you will again gain the ability to read. I recommend young adult novels and adult novels are you are at the right age. Those are created to attract people from the first page. Once you read it, your hunger for books will grow. Otherwise, you can choose mystery and thriller genres according to your preference.

Control tv, computer usage

Watching a movie with a tv or a computer is easy and enjoyable. Because it doesn’t require concentration. But reading requires a good focus. That’s why many people left reading and go back to things that require less energy. I am not saying you should stop watching the movie. Movies can lower your bad feelings, as well. But control the usage. When you have free time, select the best option to utilize that time. Obviously, the best option is a book. You can use the daytime to watch a movie. Also, watching movies at night can disrupt your sleep. It dries out your eyes if you are closer to the screen. Additionally, it motives you to watch another episode, and you will lose sleep with that. So night time is best since it’s also good for health.

how to get back into reading

Use a TBA list

TBA list (to be read) can motivate you for reading. Sites like Goodreads offer an inbuild TBA list to save your achievements and goals. You can turn this to competition by adding friends. After a year, when you look back again, you will be proud. Because you have read so many books. You can share your achievements. TBA lists manage what we should read and when. So, reading becomes comfortable with that.

Control mobile usage

Never keep your mobile near to you when you are reading a book. Because once we unlock the screen, we might not be able to turn off that soon. If you are really addicted to your phone, you can use apps to find books. Apps like Goodreads, inkit offer millions of great books for free. It’s a great way to get back into reading if you are addicted to the phone. Those apps also have eye protection filters. So, using the phone will not harm you.

Use audiobooks

Yes, you can use audiobooks if you can’t focus on reading. It will give the same knowledge using different media. With time you will be addicted to readings books. Because audiobooks provide an excellent motive to get back into reading again. It’s not the best part. You can hear a book when doing other things like cooking, eating, and resting. Audiobooks are flexible for your lifestyle.

Get recommendations

There are so many groups available on social media like Facebook. Use social media for good. Find friends who love reading books. Maybe you are not ready for love books again. But they will motivate you by recommending the best things they found on their reading journey. You can share your ideas with them and get their experiences in books. If you really want to get back into reading, do this.

Never stick to a schedule.

Some people think, if we want to get back into reading, we want to stick to the reading schedule. But it will make you leave reading. Never stick to a schedule. Just read books whenever you can. Also, never worry about not finishing a book. If a book doesn’t match your interest, you have the right to leave it. It’s not a thing to be ashamed of. Reading is an enjoyable thing that can take you to a whole new world. Don’t plan. Just let it flow.


As mentioned before, reading books is a great way to invest in yourself. Also, education is the path to success. Even you are addicted to mobile and social media, just allocate a few minutes to read a book. Those few minutes will eventually become hours. When you really feel the taste of reading books, you will never leave it. Be a perfect person by reading books. One can steal any psychical things from you. But no one can steal the knowledge you have.



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