Do you know how to color hair naturally with coffee? Coffee is an all-natural beauty product that is surprisingly diverse and effective. It grinds may be used as a light exfoliant, and the caffeine in coffee can stimulate your skin and help battle sagging skin when used in a mask. Coffee isn’t only beneficial for your skin; for years, internet users have been experimenting with using it as an all-natural hair color. The same fundamental approach applies to dyeing your hair with coffee. It’s far less expensive than purchasing bottles of traditional hair dye or having your color touched up at a salon, plus there are no harmful chemicals involved. Now let’s see how to color hair naturally with coffee.

How To Color Hair Naturally With Coffee

If you have a lot of old coffee on hand and are searching for something to do with it other than drinking it, one option you may not have considered is making DIY hair color with it. Coffee, believe it or not, may be used as a basis for hair color, allowing you to go longer between coloring sessions. So, if you are struggling with how to color hair naturally with coffee, follow these methods.

Make coffee.

Two cups (240–470 ml) organic coffee No chemicals or preservatives should be added to non-organic coffee. Use dark roasted coffee or espresso. This will help your hair brown from the coffee. Add more coffee than the recipe asks for (1–2 cups 240–470 ml)). And also, you can use a drip coffee maker or boil it on the stove, but a single-serve instant coffee maker may not brew the coffee strong enough to color your hair successfully. Let the coffee cool fully, or use it lukewarm.

Mix Coffee with conditioner.

Any conditioner may be mixed with the coffee. But heavier conditioners may be simpler to apply. 1 cup brewed coffee, two teaspoons conditioner, two tablespoons organic coffee grounds. Mix all ingredients using a spoon. Longer hair might require more coffee and conditioner.

Apply to your hair.

Apply this mixture to your hair with your hands, then comb it through with a wide-toothed comb. Then, pinning up your hair will keep it out of your face as you allow the mixture to soak in. Then, leave this on your hair for an hour. An hour later, the conditioner may dry and harden. Make sure you perform this in a restroom with a mirror so you can see what you’re doing. Carry an old towel. This will keep the coffee mixture from staining your clothing.

Rinse your hair well.

Rinse the coffee and conditioner combination out of your hair in the shower. Do not use shampoo; rinse your hair with water to remove the combination. You may need to repeat the dying procedure a few times to get the desired effects.

Reasons To Dye Your Hair With Coffee

By using coffee, we may help minimize damage and possibly improve the health of our hair. Thus, there are many reasons why putting coffee in your hair is advantageous:

Coffee has been shown to boost hair growth.

According to published studies, by massaging the scalp, you enable the caffeine to boost circulation, which promotes hair follicles to develop faster.

Hair becomes lustrous and healthy.

Using coffee granules (it’s best to combine them with your conditioner) will help hydrate your hair, especially during the summer since the sun is notorious for drying it off. By coloring your hair with coffee, you are also sparing yourself from the toxic chemicals found in traditional hair dye. Your skin will be radiant and healthier as a result of it.

Coffee will darken the color of your hair.

Using coffee to color your hair is a completely natural method (and it includes all these benefits). Aside from being convenient, using this resource to darken your hair will also result in your hair having a fully equal color tone. You’ll be especially surprised at how easy using this remedy is at home if you follow the steps mentioned above.

Which Coffee Should You Use in Your Hair Dye?

You may believe that the finer points of coffee are unimportant, and you would be correct in most cases. The roast level is the only exception. We only advocate using dark roast coffee for making your coffee hair dye since it works better than light or medium roasts. Dark roasts are inherently deeper in color than medium and light roasts, but they’re softer and generate more oil in their coffee, which helps color your hair. Because coffee hair dye doesn’t last very long, it’s critical to squeeze every last drop of color from the beans you use, which is considerably simpler with dark roasts.

How Long Does Coffee Hair Dye Last?

Coffee hair dye is not intended to be used long-term and will not replace standard hair colors. Coffee hair color should last around two weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair. Individuals who wash their hair less often may be able to extend it to three weeks, but after that, it will be largely gone. Increasing the amount of coffee or increasing the strength of the coffee in your dye may alter the color but will not extend its life, so it’s better to tailor your recipe to the color you like and accept that you’ll need to reapply it periodically.


For hair coloring, coffee hair dye is a fast and simple alternative for folks who want a modest color change or cover up a few annoying gray hairs. It’s easy to produce and utilize a small amount of coffee, and it’s excellent for times when you’re pressed for time and lack access to traditional hair color. If you decide to experiment with homemade coffee hair color, consider going into it with realistic expectations. Even a strong cup of coffee will only produce a mild color, and the effects will be subdued as opposed to spectacular in appearance.

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