How to be a good friend? It’s not easy to be a good friend. Long-lasting friendship builds with trust, support and mutual understanding. Strength, happiness, courage, freedom are the outcomes of a great friendship. Close your eyes and think a bit.

Are you a good friend?

Do you have good friends?

What do you do to maintain your friendship?

So in this article, I am going to give you the essential and vital characteristic of a good friend. Apply those for your life and see the effect at the end. After reading this, you will have no questions like “how to be a good friend?”

Don’t break promises

Friends always share their private things, secrets and promises. A person may think you are the best person to share their private matters. They believe that you will keep the promises. Do you have that kind of experience? Did you keep their promises or break them? If you keep the promise, you have a fantastic characteristic of a good friend.

As I told you before, friendship build will trust. When you break someone’s promise, your friends will understand that you are not an excellent person to share their things. Accordingly, the friendship gets failed. Therefore try to give your maximum effort on keeping promises.

Admit when you are wrong

Friends believe us. They trust what we say to them. But if we say something wrong to them and hide that mistake from them, they get mislead. Its a bad thing for your friendship.

Sometimes there may be a person who can understand the wrong thing you have done. As a result of that, they will not trust your words again.

Indeed you have to admit when you are wrong and apologies. Due to that, you can build trust in their hearts.

Stay in touch

Do you have a connection with your grade 1 friend?

Do you call your college friends after graduation?

How many best friends you have in different locations?

We may have to change our location from time to time. Sometimes we may be unlucky to leave our best friends due to changing the place you live or changing the town your study. But the point is you must maintain the connection with your best friends even you are far away from them. Currently, we have fast social media networks. So it is easy to stay in touch. Call them once a week or twice a week. Ask them about their new lives.

Another excellent method is organizing trips, parties or participates in that kind of events. It’s a great way to stay in touch. Talk them without limits, talk about the memories you had with them. They will keep you as a good friend.

How to be a good friend by forgiving others

Forgiving doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger than before. You should understand that none of us is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. So forgive the people who have done something wrong top you.

Sometimes that person may try to say sorry to you. Give them a chance to speak. Give them a chance to apologies. That’s what makes you a good friend. Consequently, you will have an everlasting friendship.

Help them in their struggles

We all have faced struggles in our life. We may still be facing them. Also your Friends too. Sometime they will ask you for help, but sometimes not. You must be smart and kind enough to understand the situation they are facing and help them. Your friend may fail in health, money or anything. But make them feel that they are safe.

As an example, your friend may addict to alcohol.He/she may try to waste money on that. You should be there to advise them and help them. But your advice might be respectful. You should be there in their happy times as well as in sad times.

Be a Good listener

Being a good listener is a great way to show your quality. Listen to your Friends without interrupting them. Be an excellent active listener. Listen to the whole story that they are going to tell. Indeed they may be looking for someone to share their pain. Be that person. That is what makes you a great friend.

Be respectful

Your friend might have different gender, ethnic group, mixed sexual feelings. Never laugh at them or hurt their feelings. Never judge them on those points. Respect their opinions. If someone tries to make them hurt, protect them.Because it’s your friend. In addition to that, we all are humans. Even your friend is from a different ethnic group; even the society make laugh at your friendship, never leave them. Be strong together and face all the struggles. Protect your friends who are suffering from discrimination. That is how to be a good friend.

How to be a good friend by being Loyal

You may already know your friend’s deepest secrets. Did you tell those to someone without the permission? If not, you are a good friend. Because of the trust, a person may share our secrets with us. We must keep those secrets to ourselves. Sometimes those secrets may be the significant weaknesses of our friend. If we spread their secrets, they may face a lot of struggles because of us. Even suicide. So never let any of your friends down. Keep the secrets and protects them. Be the person they always expect you to be.

Watch from back

Your friend may accomplish different goals in their life. They may go for the positions better than you. Their lives may be prosperous. But never leave them. Because we don’t know the time that they are going to face a problem. Even they are successful, and they may fail within a second. That’s why we have to watch them from their back. Be happy about their achievements and help them in their falls. It will make you a great friend to have.

Introduce them to others

You may already have a vast network of Friends. Do that Friends know each other? Did you introduce your friends to your network? If not, do it as fast as you can. Because this method stands for a healthy and long-lasting friendship. You will feel proud about yourself when you are in public with them. Do some crazy thing and be happy.

Be dependable

Once you made a promise or said a word, Get stick to it. Never go back in your word or promise. Being reliable is a plus sign for your everlasting friendship. Also never judge your friend. Because you are not the person living in that life. Just give advice respectfully and make them understand if they are wrong. Always respect their boundaries and be okay with the conversational gaps. Understand that they can’t be with you 24/7.


As I show you before becoming a good friend is not easy. Also, it is not impossible. Once you follow an above step, continue that good habits for the lifetime. Enjoy this life with your friends and our relations. Learn how to be a better person and how to be a good friend.

If you have any ideas on your mind, the comment section is open for you. Also, be grateful to comment on any topic you need in the near future.


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