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How to be a better husband?

Marriage is not a simple concept. It is a very complicated one. We cannot define marriage as a legal agreement which binds a man and women. It is a lifelong commitment. Even best marriages get fall due to some reasons. Sometimes because of the mistakes of husband, sometimes because of the wife.

The main reason for these conflicts is each party try to control the other party. They try to set limitations for others’ actions. Becoming a better husband makes you a better person. First thing you need in a marriage is better understanding. Before the marriage, you must understand your partner. Then the conflicts after marriage will get reduced. Marriage is about having a commitment to your partner. Sometimes you may have to make sacrifices.

Marriage is a great concept. Many people have a false idea about marriage. They trust they can live happily after marriage. Yes, you can live happily with your partner. Unless you stop lying, stop the anger, enhance the commitment toward partner and marriage, happy marriage life will be just a dream.

So in this article, I am going to give you some essential points that you should consider. So let’s see how to become a better husband.

Be a Romantic husband

be romantic

None of the women likes to marry a robotic that doesn’t feel anything or that doesn’t show feelings. This little tip can reduce all conflicts. You have to understand how to generate emotions in your partner and do what needed. You don’t need to be a traditional romantic lover.

Sometimes your partner may expect a traditional lover and sometimes not. You have to understand her feelings for you. Try to understand what she expects from you. Show that you are caring for her. Act like her father, her brother, boyfriend, her best friend and husband.

Enjoy the meals she prepares

If you are a person who always tries to find mistakes in the meals she prepared, you cannot find a happy marriage life. Even there are some mistakes; you have to appreciate what she made for you. Be honest and kind to show here if there any mistakes without blaming her for the mistakes.

Ii will help her to improve. Always select a specific time to eat. Never get meals separately. Even you are busy, try to get meals with her.

Talk with her about your problem.

Whether it is a financial, social or other problem, just let her know. Tell her everything about your current issues. It’s all about having no secrets. Having secrets create the foundation for the divorce. So never hide anything. It is better to show them you are not perfect than showing fake personality.

But keep in mind that she is not your therapist. It is better to share problems. But you have to make sure that she is in good condition to listen to your problem. If she was exhausted by solving her problems, telling your problems may bring bad results and conflicts.

Balanced sex life

This is the hardest part of any marriage. Some people go over the limit, and some people forget about sex after that marriage. Both axes are severely affecting the marriage. Be a husband who maintains a balanced sex life. You must need to understand your wife’s wants, needs and other desires seriously.

Researchers have found that most married couples are not having sex for an extended period. The solution is to try some new methods with your partner. Many people withdraw from sex if there are the same old traditional ways. Try new methods with your partner. Try new positions, role plays and make your sex life more enjoyable.

Don’t be bossy

Usually, Husband is supposed to lead the family and wife.No one like a to follow a leader who only does mere talks. Be a role model for your wife rather than giving her orders. Be a responsible and reliable husband to her. Lead her by action. Don’t try to be her boss. Try to be her role model. Be a servant leader who leads the followers by showing examples. That’s how to be a better husband.

Be honest

be honest be a better husband

As I said, secrets create the foundation for the fall of marriage. It is easy to lie rather than telling the truth. But the person who lies to his wife is a person who doesn’t have a personality. If we tell a lie once,e have to say 1000 more lies to make sure than one lie doesn’t reveal. Be an honest husband to your wife. Tell her everything without hiding anything.

It is also harmful to say white lies and half-truths to your wife. Whatever the depth the lie has, it will harm your marriage. If you want to have a happy marriage, just be honest to your wife. Also, make sure that you only see her as your lover. Keep your eyes only to her.

Avoid using a mobile phone at home

Most of the relationships are breaking down because of social media and mobile phones. Put your phone away while talking with her. If you are focusing on the phone, when she is talking to you, you will not hear what she say. Maybe the thing she is trying to say is important to her or the family. So put the phone away.

Human relations get stronger when they interact face to face. Because most of the messages get passed with non-verbal clues. Things like eye-contact are more critical when communicating with someone. It gets totally interrupted when you are using mobile phones when talking. It will make your wife feel bad. She will stop trying her things to you. So put the phone away. It will help you to be a better husband.

Have a clear understanding of your wife

Always be aware of what she likes and what she hates. Ask her questions regularly and get more understanding of your wife. Proper understanding is the foundation of a successful married life. Ask her what she like, whats her desires. Try to achieve her goals together.

Don’t compare her with your friends

Wife is different from your friends. You can’t treat her in the way you treat your friends. We can insult our friends without hurting their feelings. But the wife is a different role. Don’t compare them and insult your wife.people are different fro each other. None of us has the same attitudes. So understand her mind before talking to her. Maybe she will not get that you are joking. She may take things seriously—That’s why you should not compare in the way you treat your friends.

Takedown your shield

You may have more knowledge, more experience than your wife. You may not apologise for the mistakes you have done because of that. Remember, pride kills the marriage. It only results in fights and divorces. If you want to be a better husband, put your shield down, offer peace, make apologies. Even it is your fault, offer peace first. It will help you to save your valuable time, and it will definitely create a happy life.

Surprise her

surprise your wife

No one likes to live a traditional, old passioned and regular life. We need more interest to keep going. Be a creative husband and arrange exciting events for our wife and give her creative and lovely gifts. Make your dinner more special than regular dinners. Ask her to go out. Make every day is more interesting than the previous day.

This will not only help your marriage. It will also help you to build a positive mindset. Arrange events like birthday parties, anniversary parties to surprise her. Take her to the places that she has never seen. Do things that she has never done. Be more dynamic. This will keep your marriage life as a fresh one.

More tips

  • Respect here
  • Remember important dates
  • Be flexible
  • Flirt with her like the first day
  • Never text her. Just call her
  • Keep your promises
  • Be kind to her family and friends

Final thoughts

how to be a better husband

I know I missed a lot of tips on how to be a better husband. As I said before, marriage is complicated. There are many points you have to consider as the husband. Every minute, every word, every action is essential. Yes, I know there are so many things that must be done by the wife too. That’s why we define marriage as a journey that should go tother. If we try to go alone, we will get lost. Marriage is about harmony, togetherness. There is no “I” after the marriage.

Even if you are not married yet, you can try these tips to become a better boyfriend.

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