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How To Apply Nail Stickers With Water

Water decals are a fast and simple method to add beautiful nail art to your nails. Let’s see how to apply nail stickers with water. There are no messy clean-ups or removals with water decals.

They give you the nails you want in a fraction of the time it takes to paint them by hand. These tiny patterns are printed on special paper with a solubilized layer between the design and the paper.

So they don’t leave lines or ridges on the surface like certain stickers, which may be difficult to remove. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist: water decals are a fun and creative way to show off your style.

What Is a Water Slide Decal?

You can use this type of paper to make water slide decals. Water slide decals can be big or small, and they come in different sizes. An image or pattern can be removed from the backing paper when put in water.

This lets the image or pattern slide off, which can then be put on your nails (or any other surface). Water slide decals are much thinner than vinyl decals, and they are a great way to make nail art that looks like it came from a salon in just a few minutes.

You can find a huge variety of them on the market today, from a simple French manicure to a full nail design. There are flowers, hearts, cartoons, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

How to Apply Water Decals Steps

Select the Picture Polish water decal that you’d want to use.

Allow drying thoroughly after applying a layer of white polish, such as Stamped White. You may either do both hands simultaneously or one at a time. The choice of the NPA! Before continuing, ensure sure the polish is completely dried.

Cut off the decal that is the same size as your nail using scissors. Leave a blank portion of the paper to hold with tweezers for easy removal if feasible. Remove the protective plastic and throw it away.

Soak the decal in water at room temperature using tweezers. It’s best to use a shallow glass or bowl.

Remove the decal from the water after it has soaked for 10-15 seconds. With your fingers, hold the additional moist paper. Remove the decal off the paper using tweezers. To prevent tearing and ripping, return the decal to the water for another 10 seconds if it won’t come off smoothly. Before applying the decal, do not try to dry it. The following several stages will be a breeze if you keep the water decal moist.

Place the bottom of the decal along your cuticle and the rest against your nail as soon as you remove it from the paper. Don’t worry if the decal is a bit crumpled or too lengthy!

Gently massage the decal into your nail with a soft brush like The Clean-Up Brush, beginning in the center of the cuticle line and working outward. The water decal will be smoothed, and ripping will be avoided if you apply it slowly and steadily. Reapply the decal until it is equally distributed.

For extended wear and faultless coverage, bend any excess decal around the tip of your nail. If the decal is still too broad, delicately dissolve the larger sections using The Clean Up Brush soaked in acetone-free solvent.

Apply pressure on the bottom of the nail tip with a Glass Manicure Stick to remove the extra decal around the tip of your nail. Several times rub from side to side. The decal will crack due to the friction, and the excess may be delicately removed with tweezers or your fingertips.

After the water decal has dried, apply a layer of Looking Glass Topcoat to complete the look. Don’t forget to seal the decal with a swipe over the tip of your nail!


Do you put nail stickers on wet or dry nails?

Before putting stickers, ensure that your nails are clean and dry. This is true for both polished and unpolished nails and gel or shellac. If your nail polish is not entirely dry before applying the sticker, the sticker may not adhere correctly or may pull the wet polish off the nail.

How long do press on nail stickers last?

With the right preparation, the best press-on nails can last anywhere from one to three weeks, even when they’re wet and wet. Before applying nail polish, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Gently push back your cuticle and lightly buff your natural nail to make them shine.

Do nail stickers come off in the water?

Due to the high concentration of chlorine in swimming pools, the chemicals in the water may disturb the adhesion of your nail stickers to your nails, preventing them from settling properly. This results in your nail stickers peeling off more quickly and lasting less time than planned.

Do press on nails stay on in water?

You’ll have a firm seal on each nail for a long time if you stay away from water for the first few hours after application. You may trim and file the finest press-on nails to acquire the exact form and make alterations to meet your lifestyle.


Now you may have an idea about how to apply nail stickers with water. These decals have a lengthy shelf life and continue to look great even after a week of use. Especially, they are available in a plethora of styles and colors. Some designs need to be done on a white ground, while others may be applied on any color base; some are little patterns, while others are entire nail designs. Even whole sheets of water decals are available in various designs and sizes. You may cut them to the length you need and the size of your nails.

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