How to accept your marriage is over? Perhaps you are wondering whether your marriage is over or not. You may look for the signs which indicate that your marriage is over. People change. Not everyone gets the chance to live life as expected. Things may not work around as usual. When you or your spouse feels like there is nothing between you, it is a biggest sign to know your marriage is over. In this article, we are going to answer the questions “Is my marriage over?”, “how to tell when your marriage is over?”, “when is your marriage over?” etc.

When is your marriage over?

Both you and your spouse may start the journey together. But everyone doesn’t get a chance to end the journey together. Some have to stop somewhere on this journey. When both you and your spouse no longer loving each other, your marriage is over. After marriage, most couples forget to be good wives/husbands even if they were good girlfriends/boyfriends. If things don’t work around you as usual, you must learn how to accept your marriage is over. What are the signs which indicate your marriage is over?

When is a marriage over – Signs?

When you both don’t love each other, and you are arguing with your partner all the time, it is a sign to know your marriage is over. Maybe your husband or wife wants a divorce, but you may still love him/her. But marriage is a commitment of both parties. When one party gave up his/her part, there is no need for staying.

Here I am going to indicate the signs according to what you feel. If you experience one or more of these signs, you must be honest with yourself and decide whether you should leave your partner or not. If you can see these signs from your partner, it shows she/he is ready for a divorce. Before going to a divorce, make sure you both cannot continue the marriage anymore. Divorce must be the last option you should take, not the first one.

Lack of interest

When you or your spouse are not interested in spending time together, it is a sign. It is not if that lack of interest run for a short period. But when you feel there is no interest in spending time with the partner and that feeling is there for an extended period, it is a sign that shows that your marriage is over.

Normal couples may choose to stay apart from their spouse for a shorter period. It’s not the time you should decide. When you cannot find happiness being with him/her, when you make excuses to avoid the partner, when you feel there is no joy when being with him, talk with your family and make the right decision.

Continuous arguments

No one is perfectly matching. Marriage is a sacrifice and commitment. Both must try to adjust the lifestyles to live a happy life. Even the best and happy couple have arguments because of minor incompatibilities. But if there are significant incompatibilities that are still not solved, it is a sign that you are heading toward a divorce. Make sure that you and your spouse agree on essential things in life. Otherwise, you should not continue. It doesn’t matter what love quotes say. You cannot eat nuts and bolts with chicken curry. You should accept your marriage is over.

Living separately

This is a major sign to know if your marriage is over. In a marriage, a couple should stay together, think together, and decide together. But if you and your partner have separate lives, that indicates that your marriage is over. If you spend more time with friends than being with the partner, if you enjoy things alone, if you have no concern about what partner does, those are clear signs that you should go for divorce since the marriage doesn’t make you happy anymore.

No commitment to solving issues

Compromising is hard. But when there is an issue, at least one of you should try to solve it. If both you and your spouse are not committed to solving marriage issues, it is a sign that your marriage is over. When you are not interested in solving issues, it says that you don’t need marriage anymore, you don’t need a partner anymore. If you can see other one is trying so hard, but even you don’t have the interest to compromise, you are heading toward a divorce.

You don’t need your partner on your side.

After many years, you might have started working alone without any help. You might try to reach your goals lonely without the help of your partner. Doing things alone is not a sign that you should go for a divorce. But when it gets to continue, and your partner is okay and not caring about the future of you both, it’s a clear sign. It’s not necessary to have common goals. But there should be concern about each other’s goals. If not, what is the point of having a life partner? When you can see this sign clearly, don’t directly go for a divorce. Ask yourself these. “Do I see my partner in my future,” “does my partner have a concern about what I do and my goals?”. If not, there is no point in continuing the marriage.


Close couples can become strangers within a few minutes. If you feel there is no relationship, no love, no jealousy between you two, it is a sign that is heading toward a divorce. But wait for a while and allow other to make things right. If none works anymore, go for a divorce. Maybe you and your spouse live in the same house, same room, and on the same bed. But if your souls have a distance that cannot reduce, there is no point in having such marriage. Lack of interest in having sex, enjoying together, having meals, and talking are the signs that you no longer love him/her.

How to accept your marriage is over?

Now you can conclude whether your marriage is over or not. But it is hard to end a relationship even we don’t have a feeling for it. After knowing your marriage is over, you should accept your future without your partner. Here are some tips for moving on after knowing marriage is over.

Create a life plan

Now you are alone, and you have the total freedom to decide what you will do next. That’s when you need a plan. You need to identify every problem that might arise in the future and know how to answer those. As an example, there may be an issue of whether you should marry again or not. You must have an idea before that question arise. Set goals and objectives for the future and go for them.

Accept your emotions

Divorce can turn a person upside down. It can break the mental health and all other emotions. You don’t need to see that as a special thing. Breaking mentally after a divorce is a common situation. You should acknowledge your feelings and move on rather than being scared. Get help from a family member/friend or a counselor.

Find what makes you happy.

Maybe you have lost what you love after marriage. Since you are alone now, you can find those again. Suppose you like traveling; it is time to start again. Do whatever that can fix your mood. Go for a long vacation and make relationships with strange people. Find things that can make you happy and follow them. It is that simple.

Invest in yourself

Now you are alone, and you should get ready for the future. For that, you have to invest In yourself. For example, you must learn new knowledge, create new relationships, find a way to earn more money, find more hobbies, etc. It makes yourself ready for the unforeseeable future you are going to have.

Manage time well

When you have more free time, you may get used to letting yourself down by thinking about negative things. So fill your day with more tasks. I am not saying that you should work all 24 hours. But you should manage time well and reduce the free time you may use to think about the past. Find new hobbies, new support groups and spend time with those.


Now you know how to accept your marriage is over and how to move on. These are just general things that many life couches teach. Besides that, it is all up to you to decide what you are and what you are going to do next. If you are still not divorced and you are waiting to get a divorce, think twice. A divorce should be the last option that you must take. There are many things you can do to fix your marriage before going for a divorce. Divorce must be the solution when none of those things worked. Be a lovely husband/wife to your partner. Make sure you can continue the relationship before having children. If not, your children are the ones who suffer after a divorce.


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