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How Many Types Of Brows Are There

With so many odd brow styles circulating these days, determine which brow style is most flattering to your face. How do you choose the proper brow shape if you don’t have access to a professional? 

We’ve put together this professional guide to break down all the various eyebrow forms and names to take the guesswork out of picking the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape — including round, square, oval, heart, and more. 

These alternatives are timeless and appealing, with low-maintenance requirements that won’t make you furrow your brows. Now let’s see what the different types of brows are?

Thick eyebrow

It may be both a benefit and a burden to have thick eyebrows. It’s a benefit in that you can mold it nicely to fit your face, but it’s also a problem since thick eyebrows grow quickly. 

So a once-a-month threading session isn’t going to cut it. Keep a pair of tweezers on, ready to remove any stray hairs. 

Those with thick brows can invest in a clear mascara that may be used to maintain them in place. If you have thick eyebrows, all you have to do now is focus on removing the excess hair while maintaining the natural curve of your brows. 

Thick brows are fashionable right now, so don’t try to flatten them down with threading. Make a statement and look amazing.

Tail arch

The small arch towards the tail, a classic brow shape, is the most adaptable approach to shape and fill your brows. 

This design may help to provide strong angular elements to a fuller face, and the arch can even complement a crazily pointed jawline. 

This is also a pleasing design for someone who wishes to keep their hair off their face while adding a frame feature.

Thin eyebrow

How Many Types Of Brows Are There : Thin eyebrow

Tweezing is the finest alternative if you have sparse brows. Pluck away any excess hairs while avoiding excessive brow shaping. We don’t want to remove any more hairs than is required. 

You may use eyebrow pencils or even eyebrow powders for a more natural appearance. Avoid a strongly arched appearance if you have thin brows since this may not look well on thin brows.

Flat eyebrow

Even though your brows are flat, they may still appear attractive. The trick is to maintain a little space between your brows. You don’t want your brows to be too close together since this will draw attention to the fault. 

Therefore, thread it between your brows to create the illusion of a broad brow. You might request that your beautician add a small bend to the outer end of your brows.

Straight brows

How Many Types Of Brows Are There : Straight brows

If your natural brow lacks an arch, it is likely of a straighter form. Straight brows seem to be rather trendy in an understated, subtle approach. 

If your brows are naturally straight, avoid creating an arch and brush them with a spoolie. If you want straighter brows, you may have them shaped professionally and maintain them anytime any angular elements appear.

High arch

How Many Types Of Brows Are There : High arch

This variant of the tail arch reaches high up and over the brow bone to give your appearance more definition and intensity. If you want your brows to be dramatic, this is a wonderful shape to keep. 

However, since high center arches are a frequent stage makeup technique and break with the equilibrium of your facial characteristics, we advocate increasing the high arch towards the tail as feasible.

Minimal arch

Everyone’s natural brows have a small, barely-there arch, the most common form. If you want to keep your hair in this form, you should stop plucking and instead use a tweezer to remove a stray hair. 

Fill in any bare spots with a brow pencil to give the brows more definition. For a fuller brow, use a colored brow gel.

Tapered brows

How Many Types Of Brows Are There : Tapered brows

Possibly the most maintenance-intensive design on our list, tapered brows are thicker in the inner two-thirds and gradually taper down to be lighter and thinner at the end. 

Because natural brows are often uniform in breadth, a trained eyebrow specialist must develop a tapered shape. They also need more frequent maintenance, with regular waxing and grooming necessary.

Rounded brows

How Many Types Of Brows Are There : Rounded brows

They will fall in love with rounded brows like no other beauty item. If you want to make your brows look more like clouds over your eyes, you’ll want to choose rounded eyebrows instead of the straight ones we saw above. 

Usually, rounded brows are best for people with angular faces. Anyone who wants a cute brow look can wear them.


How do I know my eyebrow type?

When you hold the pencil by your nose, point it at the inner corner of your eye. The pencil should not be near the eye. The point where the pencil meets the brow line is the start of your eyebrow. This is where you should start.

What are Nano brows?

It’s also called “nano needling” and “micro-pigmentation.” Nano needle brows are made with just one needle and a permanent makeup machine. The machine is then used to move the pigment into the skin in a controlled way. This is very similar to a tattoo machine, but it’s not as painful or intense.


To figure out which brow form is best for you, you must first determine your facial shape. Drawing an imagined picture frame around the face might help you figure out your face’s shape. 

The eyebrows produce the top of the frame, the jawline forms the bottom, and the temples and the jawline form the sides.


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