How long does it take to boil water?

How long does it take to boil water?
How long does it take to boil water?

How long does it take to boil water? To boil 1 litre in a microwave, it takes 3 to 4 minutes. To boil 1 litre in an electric kettle, it takes 4 to 6 minutes and to boil 1 litre on a stove, it takes 8 to 11 minutes. This time get vary according to altitude, surface area, conductivity, the efficiency of the heater, etc. Above are the figure calculated in normal conditions.

In this article, we are going to answer many problems regarding boiling water, including how long does it take water to boil, how to boil water faster, factors affect the time, etc.

How to boil water?

What is your objective of boiling water? Select the way of boiling water accordingly. One might boil for purification when the other one is boiling water for the preparation of food. You must decide the volume, container, and the method accordingly.  

How to boil water

Here are the things you should consider when boiling water.

  • If your objective is purification, first filter the water to remove the impurities. With that, you will be able to boil water faster, and the result will be good.
  • If you want to boil for the preparation of food, use a small container that matches the volume. Because large containers request more time to boil water. The impurities in the food items might consume more time to boil. It is better to use higher energy to boil them.

How long does it take to boil water?

When we take 1 litre of water (4 Cups), it takes different time to boil on different methods.

  • With a pot on a stove = 8 to 11 minutes
  • Using an electric kettle =4 to 6 minutes
  • With a microwave =3 to 4 minutes

Likewise, you can calculate the time it takes to boil water which is more than or less than 1 litre. But this time measurements get differ according to the different factors. These factors decide how long does it take to boil water. So let’s discuss those factors.

Factors which decide how long to boil water


How you are going to boil is the main factor that affects the time. As mentioned before microwaves take the least time. Usually, people use electric kettles and pots on the stoves. Then it will take more than 4 minutes to boil 1liter of water if you use those two methods.

Atmosphere pressure and altitude

Atmosphere pressure with altitude affects how long it takes water to boil. When there is low air pressure( Thin air), it takes less time at a high altitude. Also, when there is high air pressure with low altitude, it takes more time.


Impurities also affect how long does it take for water to boil. Water might contain impurities which can absorb the temperature and the heat. It increases the time duration it takes to boil the water. When boiling water which contains impurities, those impurities first absorb the heat. Then those get boiled along with the water. These processes increase the time duration.

Quantity of water

The quantity of water affects how long it takes to boil water. As you see it takes more time to boil 1 litre than boiling 250ml. The quantity you want to boil, decide the time duration.

Thickness and size of the container

Usually, it takes more time if you use a thick container. Even it takes much time, and you must use thick containers because thin containers might get damaged when boiling the water. Because they are not capable of handling the heat.

Also, size matters. Large containers which have high surface take more time and vice versa. But you should use somewhat large and somewhat thick containers to avoid damages.

From now we are giving some answers to the frequently asked questions.

How to boil water faster?

how to boil water faster

Resources are limited. We should learn how to use those effectively and efficiently. It is also applied to boiling water. You can reduce the time duration by considering some simple factors.

Container size

As mentioned, larger containers require more time. But you should not select a small container if it is not capable of handling high heat. If your objective is to boil a small amount of water which takes less time, you can use a smaller container which can reduce the time.

The thickness of the container

Avoid using the high thick and thin container. The high thick container requires more time. If you use a high thin container, your container might get damaged due to the heat. Be careful when selecting the container.

The material of the container

Choose copper, aluminium, or stainless steel containers to speed up the boiling.

Use advanced technology

If you are busy, always use the latest technologies. Typically putting water on a pot and boil it using a stove takes too much time. But advanced technologies like pressure cookers, microwaves can boil faster than by balancing the factors affecting the time.

How long does it take boiling water to cool?

It depends on whether the pot is opened or not. If the container is opened, it takes less time to cool down and vice versa. When it comes to exact times, you have to calculate it using general science laws and formulas. It means we cannot exactly say the time it takes. Because even cooling down is affected by many reasons. Blowing on it or using a fan can speed up the process. But generally, we can take the idea of using this graph.

Temperature (Celsius)OpenedNot opened
100 – 901 min10 min
90 – 802 min12 min
80 – 704 min15 min
70 – 608 min20 min
60 – 5016 min28 min
50 – 4019 min32 min
Rough measurements only

How to know when water is boiling?

At the early stage, some tiny bubbles will appear in the bottom of the pot, and it will start moving bottom to top. Eventually, the small bubble count will decrease, and less amount of bubbles will appear gently. In the third stage, the bubbles will aggressively appear on the top, and still, the bubbles are somewhat tiny. When the boiling point bubbles take a gigantic form and aggressively appear on the top. It is good to stop at this point.


  • How long to boil water in the microwave?

3 to 4 minutes

  • How long does it take in an electric kettle?

4 to 6 minutes

  • How long does it take in a pot on the stove?

8 to 11 minutes

  • How to boil water faster?

Use a small container with less thickness and advance technology.


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