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How long does dry cleaning take?

How long does dry cleaning take? Depending on the material, level of dirtiness, and the other conditions, dry cleaning takes might vary. But on average, it takes 3 – 4 hours for dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is an excellent method to keep care of your clothes. Dry cleaning can be perverse the colours, size, and durability rather than other cleaning methods.

In this article, we will learn how long does dry cleaning take and everything about dry cleaning.

What is dry cleaning?

What is dry cleaning? The term try cleaning does not means cleaning the cloth by drying them. It means using chemical solvents instead of water. When using water to clean fabrics, it soaks into the clothes’ fibre and makes them stretch. Also, using water to wash clothes might cause a loss of colours and changing the size. But dry cleaning is a wise choice if you want to keep the cloth in the same colour and size.

The chemical solvents used to clean clothes in dry cleaning do not soak into the fiber. So, it is a safe way to clean your fabric. These chemical solvents make the basement for the soap the same as water does in a standard cleaning.

Depending on the type of cloths, the solvent used to dry cleaning is selected. Nowadays, dry cleaning has become a popular wise choice among many households.

How dry cleaning works?

How dry cleaning works? The dry cleaning process has been divided into different steps by different institutions. But here are the main things which can be seen in the dry cleaning process.


When you deliver your clothes to dry cleaning shops, specialists will examine your fabric for material, damages, stains, and missing parts to decide which type of cleaning method should be used and which type of chemical solvent should be used. Also, they might ask to repair your cloth for an extra charge.


The cleaner will focus on the stains on the clothes and decide on the use of special cleansers. This step makes the dry-cleaning process easy and fast. Professional cleaners will only apply the best and unharmful chemicals for the stains.

Dry cleaning

After treating the stains, the cleaner will put clothes on the dry cleaner for the final treatments. During the dry-cleaning process, special chemical solvents are added. After that, the cleaner will again inspect the cloth to check whether there are stains left undetected. If everything is good, the fabric will be transferred to the drying section.


Based on the material type, the cloth is at a suitable temperature. The professional cleaners will guarantee that there will be no harm during the drying process.

Packing and finishing

Finally, the cleaner will pack your iron and repair the clothe according to your order and pack it right away. So, the dry-cleaning process gets finished.

Benefits of dry cleaning

If you want to clean your cloth without damaging its fabric structure, color, and size, dry cleaning would be the best choice. It makes sure that your clothes do not get deformed. Since the water is not used in the process, there will no color and size changing.

Also, some material types cannot be soaked when cleaning. For them, dry cleaning will be the best solution.

How long does dry cleaning take?

How long does dry cleaning take? As mentioned, the time it takes to dry, clean clothes might vary according to the material type, level of dirtiness, and other conditions. It can take a minimum of 3- 4 hours and a maximumly of 4 or 5 days. Yes, some clothes take more than that.

When you take your clothes to a dry cleaning shop and ask about the turnaround time, the cleaner will inspect clothes and provide you a date to collect your clothes.

Even the clothes are cleaned within 3- 4 hours, and you might not be able to get them at the same time. Because dry cleaning shops have many orders to fulfill and they will complete each in a proper manner. So, if you are in a hurry, choose a shop which is not popular among people.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean a shirt?

You can dry clean your shirt within the least turnaround time. Shirts are commonly used. You can collect them on the same day or within two days.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean a wedding dress?

Wedding dresses take too much time to dry clean since they have many materials, layers, and decorating items. So, professionals give special care to wedding dresses. It will take a week or two to collect your wedding dress from the dry cleaning shop.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean a suit?

Suits are also treated carefully. But suits don’t have many varieties of materials and layers. So, the turnaround time will be less than a wedding dress. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to collect your suits from the shop.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean leather, suede, fur?

Same as wedding dresses, clothes with these materials types take too much time to clean. Because professionals must ensure that the process will not harm the cloth and its structure. Also, these material types require special chemical solvents and methods. So, it will take one or two weeks to collect your cloth from the shop.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean linen, drapery?

It takes four days to a week for drapery and three days to 4 for the linen and beddings.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean coats and jackets?

Since the materials are rough and hard, special methods should be applied. So, it will take one week to collect your coats or jackets from the shop.

How long does dry cleaning take to clean a formal/prom dress?

These types of dresses should be treated carefully. So, it might take up to one week to clean a formal dress or prom dress.

Things decide how long does dry cleaning take.

As mentioned above, the material type, level of dirtiness, and other factors decide how long it does dry cleaning. Apart from that following things will determine how long does dry cleaning take to clean your clothes.

  • Location of the shop
  • The popularity of the shop
  • How many clothes you have
  • Variety of materials in the cloth
  • Level of decorating items in the cloths
  • Level of stains
  • The service you expect

Most dry cleaning shops are flexible with your expected time. If you are in a hurry, they will clean your clothes immediately for an extra charge. Some shops offer one-day cleaning services for an additional price. If you are in a hurry, you can use that.

In other cases, make sure you have handover the clothes to the shops by keeping enough time to collect those. Never handover your wedding dress today if you have a wedding tomorrow. It’s common sense.

Clothes that should be dry cleaned

Here are some example materials types that should be cleaned by a dry cleaner for a better result.

Usually, these material types should not be cleaned with water since they can change their size and structure. So, it is better to clean them using a dry cleaner to stop fading and changing size.

Is it wise to choose dry cleaning over normal cleaning?

Why not? If you care about the safety of your clothes, dry cleaning will be the best choice. But make sure that you are choosing a suitable material. Some dresses are better to wash with ordinary cleaners. Some are not. But most of the time, dry cleaning will be the best choice.

Things you should never dry clean

Using the wrong materials to dry clean might damage the cloth. As mentioned above, there are some materials types that you can wash at your home. Material types like wool, cashmere, and mohair should not be cleaned through dry cleaner. You can wash them at your home using cold water.

Also, the denim cloths should not be cleaned through a dry cleaner. You can wash them at home using a color-safe detergent.

How to clean a suit jacket?

How to clean a suit jacket? When you are washing your suit jacket at home, it might cause shrinking and changing the jacket’s shape. Also, if there were stains before washing, using the water to clean them will make them bigger. So, cleaning a suit jacket should be done through a dry cleaner. It will help you to keep the shape well and increase durability.

How to store dry cleaning cloths?

After collecting your clothes from the dry cleaning shop, you can put the clothes on a hanging item before putting it into the closet. Make sure that the cloth is hanging in a flat direction, and there is enough space.

Keep your clothes away from direct sunlight and alcohol activities. Because the direct sunlight can harm the colors of the cloth, and alcohol can cause cloth discoloration.

How often should you dry clean a suit?

How often should you dry clean a suit? Depending on how often you wear suits, you should clean them. If you are a regular user of suits, you can clean them every month. If not, you can clean them twice or once a year. It depends on how often you use them. But make sure not to clean them yourself. Because it can change the shape and damage the structure.

Before dry cleaning clothes

Make sure your full requirements are communicated to the cleaner. The cleaner will ask you for the additional repairs for the damages. If you want to repair for an extra charge, make sure to inform the cleaner before the dry cleaning process begins.

Make sure to remove the things left inside your pockets. If not, it will be dangerous for both your cloth and dry cleaner.  Always visit the nearest dry clean shop. You can simply google “clothes cleaners near me” or “dry clean near me” to find the nearest dry clean shops. If your GPS is active, it will automatically find the cleaning shops near your location.

Dry cleaning at home

Yes, you can dry clean your clothes at home. But undertaking that it will not give the same treatments to the cloth as professionals give. But you can use this method to keep the freshens of your clothes until you are ready to go to a dry cleaning shop.

Get a small bowl and fill it with ¾ glass of water. Then add one teaspoon of borax and one teaspoon of oxygen bleach. Afterward, add your favorite essential oil and mix well. You can use this mixture to clean your clothes at home.

Summing up things

I hope you have learned about dry cleaning and how long it takes to clean different types of materials. Most of the time, dry cleaning is the best solution for most material types. But never dry clean the materials like cashmere, wool, and mohair.

Depending on the material type and other factors mentioned above, the time it takes to dry clean the clothes differs. So, keep enough time between your event and the handover date to the shop.



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