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Does Bleach kill roaches?

Does Bleach kill roaches? Yes, Bleach can kill roaches. But it’s harder than using insecticide chemicals that people usually use. To kill cockroaches with Bleach, we have to drown them in Bleach or make them drink it. That’s what makes this more challenging. This article will discuss what kills cockroaches instantly, and does Bleach kill cockroaches, and how?

What is Bleach?

Bleach is a chemical product that is using to remove colours or lighten colours. Bleach comes in many varieties. You can either make Bleach yourself, or you can buy from a shop. Even there are many varieties, it usually contains chlorine, water, and caustic soda, which are highly lethal for roaches. It is extremely deadly for humans if it is ingested.

Household bleach comes in liquid or powdered form, which contains disinfecting elements. Normally, bleach use to remove colors, lighten up colors, clean kitchens, and bathrooms, etc. Additionally, some varieties of Bleach are used to clean and purify water. Here how you can make Bleach at home.

Does Bleach kill roaches?

Does Bleach kill cockroaches? The answer is, “yes.” But you must handle Bleach carefully. There are only two ways to kill cockroaches with Bleach. One is ingestion, and the other one is drowning. Ingestion is problematic since you have to make roaches drink bleach. The smell of Bleach makes roaches run rather than drinking it. So, if you really want to use the first method, you must spray Bleach on roaches using a sprayer. But it is not effective because once you spray, most roaches get the chance to run away. Also, your house will be a mess.

So when does Bleach get good?  The second method is what kills cockroaches instantly. But you should catch roaches one by one using a roach bait or other method. Then you can fill them up with Bleach and kill them instantly. Roach baits contain elements that can attract cockroaches.

does bleach kill roaches


As mentioned, bleach is not easy to use, like traditional insecticide chemicals. Both two ways of killing roaches have drawbacks. If you try, insert Bleach into cockroaches, you must use a sprayer, or you have to make them drink it. Both are hard to follow. Drowning cockroaches in a bleach container are easy. But you have to catch cockroaches one by one.

Personal safety

When it comes to personal safety, pets and kids should be keep away from Bleach since it is lethal for humans. Also, the smell of Bleach is strong. When you are making and using Bleach, cover your mouth and nose with a mask. It is also safe to use gloves if you are touching Bleach.

People use Pine-sol with Bleach to make Bleach stronger. But never follow that since it is making chlorine gas, which is highly poisonous.

Tips to get rid of roaches

  • Most importantly, the house should be cleaned and well maintained. There should be no space for cockroaches. Focus more on cleaning your kitchen, garbage areas, and places that have clothes and stationaries. Mainly cockroaches are attracted to the remaining foods or garbage. If you have cleaned them well and stored well, there is no space for roaches.
  • If the first step didn’t work, you could use traps and baits. Shops are offering roaches traps. Otherwise, you can make one yourself. These traps and baits have elements to attract roaches and a system to trap roaches once they reach the bait. You can place these traps and baits in the kitchen and garbage areas.
  • Mix boric acid with sugar and sugar and make boric acid bait balls. Place them in the kitchen, under refrigerators, garbage cans, and similar places. Cockroaches are attracted to sugar and flour, and they will be killed by boric acid. This is a perfect way to kill cockroaches instantly. But make sure to keep these bait balls away from kids and pets since these are highly lethal.

Does Bleach kill spiders?

 Yes, It can kill spiders and other pests in households. But it is strongly recommended to follow the personal safety methods mentioned above. Bleach is not a registered insecticide chemical since it is harmful to humans, pets, and the surface you spray them.

Does ammonia kill roaches?

Mix 2 cups of ammonia with one bucket of water and put on a spray bottle. Then spray it directly to the cockroaches. It can kill roaches instantly. Otherwise, you can use this as a cleaning solution.

Does vinegar kill roaches?

Vinegar does not have the ability to kills roaches and other pests alone. It can be used to keep roaches away. Spraying them on the places roaches are can make them run away. But this is not a perfect and permanent solution for getting rid of cockroaches.



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