Benefits For Using Windows Virtual Desktop

Benefits For Using Windows Virtual Desktop

Companies must allow their employees to work remotely in today’s environment. But purchasing extra technology outside of a desktop PC is out of the question for many. Setting up a Windows Virtual PC in Azure may seem hard, but it allows your staff to work on any device as if they were on their office desktop. A Windows Virtual Desktop eliminates the need for extra corporate hardware, allowing you to deliver a safe, productive experience in an ever-changing environment. However, let’s see that what are the benefits of using Windows Virtual Desktop.

What Is Windows Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop is a desktop service that is hosted via the internet. This implies that your desktop environment is kept on a server in the cloud. With the appropriate login details, you may access your desktop and applications from any device, anywhere. The desktop operating system is effectively separated from the hardware. If you cannot use your physical computer but want access to data and programs, you may use other devices. You can access your data and applications from home on your tablet, PC, or mobile device, just as you would if using your computer.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is an Azure-hosted desktop and application virtualization solution. It’s the only virtual desktop for Windows 10 that helps you get the most out of Office 365 ProPlus. The public preview of Windows Virtual Desktop offers easier administration, support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and multi-session Windows 10. It’s always up to date, secure, and extendable since it’s on the cloud. On Windows Virtual Desktop, you can virtualize and deploy both old and new programs to Microsoft Azure. It is ensuring that users have access to all systems that a non-virtual desktop would give. Employers choose virtual desktops because they save money and effort while also improving security and employee productivity.

Boost Productivity

Windows Virtual Desktop delivers the capabilities necessary for employees to maintain continual connection, flexibility, and access to specialized resources to remain productive. Users may access their desktop from any internet-connected place, whether it is a company-issued or personal device, with the help of WVD. End-users may be more productive with the desktop experience they are used to, thanks to seamless integration with Microsoft 365 applications for corporate, Windows 10, and Microsoft Teams, among other things.

Excellent Security

Users benefit from the increased security provided by virtual desktops. Especially Windows Virtual Desktop, which delivers the same level of security as Azure. Because your information is saved on a distant server, it cannot be stolen, lost, or tampered with. This reduces security risks by storing business data on a secure virtual private network. You may modify who has access to files with simple permission adjustments, giving another layer of protection.

IT administrators control program settings and updates, ensuring that everyone is running the most up-to-date software versions. With Windows Virtual Desktop, the cloud ensures that you are always up to date. Confidential corporate information is kept in the data center, where your IT staff protects it. VDIs have a fewer number of data routes to check, which allows for faster monitoring times. Furthermore, data is merely shown on screen for workers to see, minimizing endpoint security requirements rather than arriving at the endpoint. The infrastructure can be readily monitored and audited to detect and mitigate security breaches, safer the environment.

Savings On Licensing And Infrastructure

Infrastructure modernization and renewal may be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. With WVD, on the other hand, your company may begin to experience cost reductions almost immediately after implementation. To begin, hosting on Azure significantly decreases the equipment required, mostly consisting of servers and the physical space required to house them. Labor savings will also be considered since there will be a reduction in the number of full-time staff required to maintain such a massive infrastructure.

Savings might also be realized when it comes to licensing fees and costs. Windows Virtual Desktop is a feature that is included in select Windows and Microsoft 365 licensing packages. And you only pay for it when you use it.

Scale quickly

WVD can help a firm that wants or needs to expand swiftly achieve its objectives. In a bring your device (BYOD) environment, rapid increases in employment do not have to be hampered by installing new infrastructure or purchasing new devices. Creating an image, packaging an application, and delivering an application are unnecessary steps for company-issued mobile devices. In contrast, a company going through a reorganization may quickly reduce the number of users on WVD. If it was a BYOD environment, it does not have to be tied to devices and servers that would be obsolete in a short period.

Boost Resilience And Avoid Indignation

In addition, as part of Windows Virtual Desktop, you can assist your team in remaining operational during outages by utilizing built-in Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup capabilities. Azure Service Health provides tailored notifications and assistance to help you avoid downtime and prepare for scheduled maintenance. Learn more about Azure Service Health here. Placing the Windows Virtual Desktop at the center of your business’s disaster recovery plan is a good idea.

Employee Efficiency

Remote employees have more freedom than ever before, thanks to the ability to access their files from anywhere at any time. Flat tires, poor weather, and travel will not prevent your staff from obtaining the information they need from a different device to fulfill their tasks. Not only will this increase staff efficiency, but it will also foster a better work culture by allowing for hitherto unimaginable flexibility. To do their task, many workers are no longer bound to a physical place. Windows Virtual Desktop delivers a working environment that adapts to your workers’ schedules. On the other hand, it enables them to work from any location at any time.

Your IT managers will save time configuring new PCs if you provide a VDI to your staff. Instead, they can quickly clone unlimited desktops from a server using Windows Virtual Desktop, which takes a fraction of the time. VDIs allow for quick rollouts, simple maintenance, and fewer support requirements. All of which help your IT department save time and money.

Many businesses are switching to Windows Virtual Desktop. Because of the cost and time savings, greater security, and enhanced staff productivity it brings. It is included for free with Windows 10 and may also be installed on Windows 7. 360 Visibility can help you migrate to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and use Windows Virtual Desktop there. You don’t have time to obsess about infrastructure intricacies or keep track of everything. 360 Visibility’s Managed Cloud Services include a team of Cloud Solutions Consultants who will attend to every detail to ensure that your cloud is the ideal fit for your company. Our staff will assist you in comprehending the Microsoft Azure Cloud’s intricacies.

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