The expansion of consciousness is called ascension spiritual. Otherwise, we call it spiritual enlightenment. This process takes a long time and considerable effort. After the ascension, you get able to see the world with a new eye. You will be able to see that everything in the world is connected to each. For some, these new views, adjustments feel uncomfortable. They start showing ascension symptoms because of this uncomfortableness. In this article, we explain what ascension is and what are ascension symptoms.

Ascension meaning

Spirituality, Awakening, and Ascension... Is There a Difference?

We can define ascension as a situation or act of moving to a powerful and higher position. In ascension, a person can awaken the mind, personality, spiritual energy, and soul to a different higher level. We call it spiritual ascension. Ascension is about rising above old habits, beliefs, mindsets, and limits, etc.

But ascension is not only about the spiritual part. It’s a total transformation of spiritual, psychical, and mental. We cannot say that our ascension will take place on a particular day. It takes time, and it lasts more. By integrating higher vibrational consciousness and expanding our awareness, we can reach the ascension. For more details, you can visit ask angles.

What gives rise to ascension symptoms?

With the ascension, a person can shift the third-dimensional experience to the fifth dimension. Here many people get able to see and feel changes in their minds, body, and feelings. Some might see these changes as serious issues. But they are the symptoms of your spiritual enlightenment. Most of the highly sensitive people experience ascension and ascension symptoms as a challenge. They might be stuck in their energy fields.

It is better to consult a professional to get advice about your symptoms. Because some symptoms arise due to physical issues besides ascension. It’s better to understand the symptoms and differentiate it from other symptoms.

Ascension symptoms

  • Frequent headaches might be an ascension symptom due to the 6th and 7th chakra’s opening up. Most headaches arise due to the opening of the third eye. Never confuse this symptom with the other headaches that occur due to psychical issues.
  • Unusual hearing is another spiritual awaking symptom. You might hear different things and higher frequencies due to the ascension. Your sensitiveness and how you have connected decide how you experience the transition of dimensions.
  • Some might experience pain in the body. This happens because negativity and your old energy limits are trying to escape from the body. Just keep calm your mind, and eat healthy foods, take fresh baths, drink enough water. You are now releasing old energies and vibrating in higher dimensions.
  • Some might feel higher stress and pressure. This is because your old limits, beliefs, and behaviours will adjust to the new and higher dimensions. Those are adjusting to a higher vibration, and it causes higher stress and pressure inside you.
  • Lack of sleepiness is another symptom. The night is the cleaning hour of your consciousness. In that time, your mind is adjusting you to a higher vibration by releasing and purifying old inner emotions.
  • Some might lose the sense of place. They might feel like they are lost and disoriented. It’s because you do not see thing 3D anymore. Your energy shits to a higher dimension, or you’re in the process of shifting.
  • You might able to see new things, hear unusual things, feel new things due to the expansion of your consciousness. Your whole body, spirit, and emotions are awakened. So keep calm and embrace these gifts you claimed from ascensions.
  • The energy drain is another symptom. Your energy is shifting, and in there, it is subject to purifying and releasing. You might feel like your energy is gone, and you might lose the ability to focus.
  • You might experience memory loss due to the ascension. Your old memories will fade away, or they become unclear when moving into a higher dimension. You are experiencing a disconnection from your past and stepping into a whole new world.
  • Becoming an introvert. Maybe you were an extravert before the ascension. But after the ascension or during the ascension, you feel like you must search for answers from your inner world. You become more introvert rather than being social.
  • You might feel out of body feeling. When you are talking, you might feel someone is talking through your body. This feeling is a common and natural defence to save yourself during the transition process. This only lasts for a shorter period.
  • Heightened awareness and sensitivity. Your senses are tuning up. Your insight and intuition are enhancing. You might experience some psychic abilities, telepathy during a shorter period. Also, you will be overstimulated by the things happening around you.
  • Loss of appetite or enhanced appetite
  • You might lose your surroundings, including friends, habits, activity with no time. This happens because those are not matching your new vibration level. Your mind guides you to reject low vibrational people because of the mismatch.
  • You might feel like you are going insane. Your anxiety will rise, and you will feel like you are powerless and loveless. With time those feelings will fade, and joy will come back to your life. All you have to do is keep calm and wait until the transition gets over.
  • Nausea
  • Nightmares
  • Vertigo
  • Greater sensory perception
  • Communication struggles

Likewise, the list goes on. The energy vibration between people in higher dimensions is totally different. Most of the people who are moving to a new dimension are experiencing these ascension symptoms for a shorter period. You must have a clear idea about where these are ascension symptoms or not. For that, you should consult a healthcare professional and check your psychical and mental status.

Coping with ascension symptoms

Here are a few things you should try during the transitions. They will help you to ease the symptoms and feel better.

  • First of all, you should consult a professional to make sure that you are physically okay. It will save you from unnecessary stress and pressure.
  • Take fresh baths. This will ease your pains in mind and body. Especially try saltwater baths.
  • Let the changes happen freely. You know that there is no issue with your body. It’s all about ascension adjusting to a new higher vibration. Just let it flow nicely and freely.
  • Drink enough water. Keep the balance in your body.
  • Join supportive groups and get advice. There are many couches and supporters you can find in your area. They will guide you to ease your ascensions symptoms.
  • Eat high vibrational foods (Vegetables and fruits)
  • Avoid alcohol consumption, which may lead to downgrading your process.
  • Practice different meditations and yoga practices to keep balance in your mind and body.
  • Build more and more positive attitudes.



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